Skeleton Pirate Captain

The Skeleton Pirates

The Skeleton Pirates are supporting antagonists from Disney's 1996 live action/stop-motion animated film James and the Giant Peach.

They were all voiced by Michael Bell.


After Mr. Centipede got caught by the Skeleton Pirate Captain, one of the Skeleton Pirates that was named Paul Bunyan attempted and failed to cut Centipede in half. With help from Miss Spider and James, Centipede was rescued and they escaped with a compass that they needed. Centipede was suddenly pulled back by the Skeleton Pirates, which he bravely fought. It appeared that Centipede almost got killed, but he managed to come out in one piece as he was dressed up as a pirate.

It is unknown if the Skeleton Pirates are still alive after their battle with Centipede.



  • The Skeleton Pirate Captain bears a strong resemblance to Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, due to the interchangeable heads used for Jack Skellington being reused for the Pirate Captain.
    • Additionally, James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas were both directed by Henry Selick and Tim Burton had a hand with both of them.
  • One of the pirates is very similar to Donald Duck.
  • The Skeleton Pirates are absent in the book.


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