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No, I wanna lash out! Release this deep f*ckin' hate I have for everyone, everything; just to f*ckin' purge all the shit that eats me up!!
~ Skeletor admits that murder is thrilling and cathartic for him.

Skeletor is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 horror film The First Purge. He is a drug-addicted serial killer and one of the few active civilian participants in the Staten Island Experiment conducted by the New Founding Fathers of America, which would eventually become known as the Purge, thanks in part to Skeletor himself.

He was portrayed by Rotimi Paul.


Skeletor is a totally unhinged, sadistic criminal and is willing to kill whoever he wants just for his own pleasure or gain. He's also misanthropic, a fact made known from his first words in the film; he admits killing people is his only cathartic outlet aside from getting high, given his extreme hatred for humanity. His heavy use of narcotics contributes to his psychotic and violent nature, and his willingness to harm others and cause general havoc. He enjoys terrifying and messing with his victims, shown when he scares and attacks Isaiah. He's also likely a rapist, indicated by his sexual assault on Isaiah's sister Nya, likely planning to rape and murder her to satisfy his bloodlust.

Skeletor also seems unbothered by and perhaps even thrives on his own pain, hinted at by his many scars which may've been self-inflicted and him nonchalantly carrying a razor blade in his mouth


Skeletor is first seen being interviewed by an NFFA employee, who Skeletor tells he has a desire to murder others, to release his hatred. The employee tells him he'll soon get his chance, referring to the Staten Island Experiment, the predecessor to the Purge where all crime will be legal on Staten Island for 12 hours.

Skeletor later frightens a drug dealer Isaiah, working drug lord Dmitri's corner. Skeletor slashes Isaiah's neck with a razor blade and runs off as Kels fires a gun at him. Skeletor prepares for the Staten Island Experiment by fitting himself with several weapons and makes the first kill of the Staten Island experiment when he kills someone robbing an A.T.M, seen through the contact lenses he's wearing by the NFFA. Skeletor later approaches a block party in which he blends into the crowd and slaughters several people until he's finally noticed, causing everyone to panic and scatter. Isaiah, having planned to kill Skeletor, points a gun to his head, but Isaiah hesitates and Skeletor knocks the gun out of his hand as Isaiah runs away. When Nya goes looking for her brother Skeletor grabs her and begins to slit her throat, but Isaiah runs out and stabs Skeletor in the back, allowing him to escape with his sister.

Skeletor isn't seen again until The Smileys attack on the Park Hill Towers where he comes up behind the mercenaries and kills one before engaging the others only to be gunned down and killed by them and later his corpse is incinerated when Dimitri shoots a bomb to kill The Smileys.


(NFFA interrogator: Who are you angry with?) Everyone. Everything. (NFFA interrogator: What do you do when you get angry?) I pipe up! (inhales deeply) F*ck my lungs with smog!
~ Skeletor's conversation with the interviewer.
You got a customer, the customer, th-the one and only!
~ Skeletor after scaring Isaiah.
Yeah, I smell your sweat. Innocent Isaiah just fresh fresh! (Isaiah: The f*ck you talkin' about, n***a?) Aw, you green! Our first transaction is on you. A-a little initiation fee to get my biz with yo fine-ass sister! (Isaiah: Hey yo, f*ck you fiend! Move on! Get the f*ck out my face, man!) (Skeletor silently chuckles) A blood baptism, for innocent I. Sho' enough, see that's what the doctor ordered... AND I'M THE PRACTICING PRACTITIONER!
~ Skeletor to Isaiah before slashing him with a razorblade.
Skeletor's Purge is on!
~ Skeletor preps for his night of Purging.
~ Skeletor killing his first victim during The Purge experiment.
Where you gonna run to, Isaiah!? You can't run from me! I'm the night, Isaiah! I'm gonna find you!
~ Skeletor threatening Isaiah.
MOTHERF*CKERS! Brother and sister are mine! Not yours!
~ Skeletor's last words before attacking the Smileys which leads to his demise.



  • Skeletor may have inspired the NFFA to use the term "Purge" for the 12-hour crime period, given his conversation with the interrogator at the beginning of the film, wherein the latter takes an interest in Skeletor's use of the word when describing his murderous outlet.
  • Skeletor was inspired by Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film the director of The First Purge Gerard McMurray enjoyed in his younger days, as well as other horror/slasher films.
    • Skeletor's improvised needle glove heavily resembles Freddy's iconic clawed glove, and is used in a scene that serves as a direct homage to Freddy, wherein Skeletor scratches on a pipe while creepily whistling and stalking down an alleyway.


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