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The army coming through the portal to Earth, led by Warlords.

Skeletor's Troopers are minor villains in the live-action Masters of the Universe film. They also appear in the comic adaptation of the film published by Star Comics. They appear to be loosely inspired by the Horde Troopers from She-Ra: Princess of Power, as well as the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars films. To a man, they're played by uncredited extras and stuntmen.


The soldiers are (apparently) robotic warriors clad head to toe in glossy black armor. When struck, they emit sparks and partially explode. They serve Skeletor and form the majority of his forces. They come in three distinct types: Warlord, the leaders, who wear long black and red caps, the Troopers, who don't wear capes and have wider helmets than the Warlords, and the Air Centurions, who fly around on floating discs. Except for the Warlords who wield enormous staves, they all wield laser guns.

When Skeletor takes over Castle Grayskull and imprisons the Sorceress, armed Troopers line the halls standing rigidly at attention, while two Warlords stand guard by the throne. Several of them, led by a Warlord, also capture Gwildor and get into a fight with He-Man and are beaten by him. When Skeletor sends his mercenaries Karg, Blade, Beastman and Saurod to Earth to get the Cosmic Key and capture He-Man, three Troopers are sent with them. All three are killed in a fight with He-Man.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Warlords and Troopers go to Earth later in a full-scale invasion of the planet. This is the first appearance of the third type of trooper, the Air Centurion. He-Man kills one and steals his flying disc, and gets into an aerial battle with several of them. Acting on Skeletor's orders, one of the Centurions leads He-Man into a trap, allowing the forces of darkness to capture the champion of Eternia.

During the battle in Grayskull, two Troopers are accidentally killed by Skeletor's lightning which he is attempting to hit He-Man with. Many of the soldiers are killed in battle with the heroic warriors. The remainder end up escaping when Evil-Lyn, realizing Skeletor is going to lose, orders a retreat.



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