Travis... Don't think you can kill without suffering consequences. To kill someone is not simply to end their life. One must risk their entire being in order to destroy another's. Up until now, you've had it easy. I've taken the curse you gave me... The shackles of revenge... And I'm throwing them back on you. Now it's your turn to be burdened with another's death. It has destroyed me, and it will destroy you too! This is the ultimate vengeance!
~ Skelter Helter.

Skelter Helter, also known as Vincent, is the younger brother of Helter-Skelter, and the first boss in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Skelter became an Assassin to avenge his brother who Travis Touchdown killed in No More Heroes. Skelter is rank 51st and battles Travis in the same place where Travis battled Helter in the trailer for No More Heroes.

Boss Battle

Skelter Helter fights Travis with a handgun with multiple chambers, and an energy sword. At the end of the fight Travis slices Skelter's head off and it lands back on his shoulders. It appears that he died, but he survives.

Revealing his plan

It turns out that he was working for the 1st ranked assassin, Jasper Batt Jr. He then pulled his head off killing him instantly, dying with an insane smile. Before he died he warned Travis that someone real close to him is going to die, while speaking in a rather spooky poetic voice, Travis' Best Friend; Bishop.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Skelter Helter, along with several other bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, appears as an optional boss in No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise. He fights roughly the same way as the prievious boss fight.


  • Skelter bears a strong resemblance between Cloud from Final Fanasty. Some people he has Cloud's Buster Sword if it was a lightsaber.
  • In No More Heroes you don't fight Helter-Skelter so many think that in some strange way players can actually fighting Helter-Skelter.


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