Fail? Think what you're saying, Re-Destro! I've only failed but once in my life. Once. In my entire life! Amend that statement, please, because this isn't failure - I'm just moving on to the next phase!!
~ Skeptic to Re-Destro.

Tomoyasu Chikazoku, better known as Skeptic, is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is a former member of the Meta Liberation Army, and later a lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front.


Skeptic is known to be a steadfast believer in the ideology of the former villain organizaiton, the Meta Liberation Army, where people have the right to use their Quirks whatever they want, unlike following the law of the Hero Society. Skeptic has sworn absolute loyalty to Re-Destro. He shows to be quite intelligent and gets easily agitated when people cannot figure out things right away from the smallest details and elaborations.

During the battle in Deika City, Skeptic has shown to have some sense of camaraderie, as he intended to have Himiko Toga killed in order to avenge his late commander, Curious. In battle, he shows to be a merciless opponent who is willing to engage in psychological warfare. Being aware of Twice's past, he sent puppets of the latter after him and Toga, knowing full well that Twice was traumatised by clones of himself and stayed completely calm and ruthless while the villain was in complete terror.

He has a calm side, as he ordered his puppets to break Twice's arms and kill Himiko. But he also has a maniacal side as well, and the only thing that scares him the most is failure, with his own eyes popping out and developing crazed swirls which makes him very unstable. As he failed to take down his two targets, he went completely crazy over having never failed until then and acted very recklessly.

Powers and Abilities


  • Anthropomorph: It allows him to take a human-sized object (For example: desk) and turn it into a lookalike of any given person. He can freely control these lookalikes only by using his laptop as a medium. Skeptic can use puppets at a time and has the ability to make more than one at the same time. He relies on his proprietary communication network and transceivers manufactured by Detnerat to control his puppets from afar.


  • Authority As being a members of Feel, the Inc's board of director, Skeptic has considerable influence over its operation, when he was able to use his company's influence to hide and remove any trace of both the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army's involvement in Deika City's destruction. He is able to create believable stories to keep the true cause of Curious's and Re-Destro's injuries and to keep the Pro Heroes from coming after them.
  • Leadership: Skeptic is one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. 
  • Tactical expertise: During the battle in Deika City, Skeptic was able to think of valuable ways to use Twice's quirk, Double, which was an example of the ability to create clones of the Supreme Commander, as a way to ensure he could lead the army. He also exploited Twice's trauma to reduce the latter's resistance by deploying puppets in Twice's likeness to retrieve him for the Army.


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