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Skillit is a recurring antagonist in The Mask: The Animated Series. He was voiced by Jason Marsden.


Skillit is a naughty and mischievous imp who hails from the Shadowland, and can use his own living shadow to suck the shadows out of other people, turning them old fast (only the Mask is immune to this) and allowing him to remain forever young (though he is powerless without his shadow). He is over 4,000 years old, but (in his own words) doesn't look a day over twelve. He has known everyone who has ever possessed the Mask such as Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, Billy the Kid and Nimrel (a malevolent and odious corruption of Merlin who was transformed into a monster when a magic spell blew up in his face).


Shadow of a Skillit

Skillit's shadow begins lurking around Edge City, stealing people's shadows. Stanley learns of the incidents through his friend Charlie, who had his shadow stolen, and the reporter Peggy, who is investigating the case. After having his own shadow stolen Stanley puts on the Mask and fights the shadow, which takes him to Skillit, who is very happy to see him and returns his shadow, asking the Mask to return with him to the Shadowland so they could have fun together. However, Skillit's idea of fun is to torture innocent people, so the Mask dismisses him. Back at his home, Stanley is accosted by Skillit, who is disgusted to see that the current wearer of the Mask is a goody-two-shoes, taking him on a flight around the city to demonstrate his powers. The Mask chases him back to the city's graveyard and pretends to go to the Shadowland with him on the condition that Skillit returns everyone's shadows. He reluctantly does so and the two traverse the portal, but the Mask is held back by his pet dog Milo, forcing both of them to return as the portal begins closing. Knowing that Skillit lied about returning the shadows he takes the shadow and squishes it before tossing it into the closing portal. Trapped without his shadow Skillit is left powerless, so the Mask takes him to a reformatory school where he would be forced to do homework for the rest of his life.

All Hallow's Eve

Skillit escapes from the reformatory school on the night before Halloween, taking advantage of the date to reopen the portal to the Shadowland and retrieve his shadow while also bringing in three souls from there. The next day he phones Stanley, telling he's now free and that he brought some friends with him. When the Mask finds Skillit, he raises the zombies of Billy the Kid, Attila the Hun and Nimrel (a middle ages wizard who turned into a monster), all of which were previous wearers of the Mask, and sends the three zombies after the Mask, who fights them but decides to ignore them after remembering about the Halloween party at the Coco Bongo. Stanley takes off the Mask and wears a knight armor, but Skillit and the zombies follow him into the party. However, Skillit captures Stanley and straps him to a guillotine then tosses the Mask to the zombies so they could fight over it, though it turns out to be a fake. Stanley tricks Skillit into telling how to defeat the zombies, which is by tricking them into saying "KSAM", escaping from the guillotine and retrieving the real Mask, which he had hidden inside of a pumpkin. The Mask then manages to banish the zombies, but Skillit jumps into the Mask and drags him into the Shadowland portal, but the Mask manages to escape by dropping a huge book over Skillit.

Enquiring Masks Want to Know

Both Stanley and Peggy begin investigating the appearance of various bizarre creatures around Edge City. While on a boat in the city bay, they're attacked by a huge dinosaur monster, so Stanley puts on the Mask to fight it. Once the monster is defeated Peggy notices how it has no shadow, so the two deduce Skillit is behind these monsters. Once a portal shows up the two jump into it, being taken to the Shadowland where Skillit greets them, revealing he was just disposing of some "old toys". Skillit tries using a leech monster he calls Norman to remove the Mask, but it ends sucking on Skillet's shadow, leaving him powerless, so the Mask just traps him on a cage while looking for a way to reopen the portal. However, Skillit convinces Peggy to return his shadow in exchange to sending in a harmless monster which could give her a big scoop, but as soon as he is freed he takes off the Mask from Stanley and summons a hideous monster called Freddie, using his spellbook to reopen the portal and send Stanley and Peggy along with Freddie back to the real world. As they're sucked in Stanley manages to pick up the spellbook and reads the enchantment backwards, causing all monsters to return to the Shadowland. Enraged, Skillit puts the mask on Freddie, but he becomes baby-like instead of monstrous, much to Skillet's annoyance, so Stanley convinces the monster to return the Mask to him. The Mask pits the various monsters against Skillit and uses the spellbook to return back to the real world along with Peggy, dropping the book on the ocean and trapping Skillit on the Shadowland forever.


  • Skillit is obviously a parody of Peter Pan (skillet, pan: two kitchen utensil names), specifically the version from Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates which Jason Marsden voiced. The similarities include how Skillit dresses the same as most incarnations of Peter Pan and can also fly and has the same immaturity of a 12-year-old boy and aside from living in another world, his shadow is able to escape from him.
  • At the end of the episode "Enquiring Masks Want to Know", The Mask mentions Skillit being trapped in the Shadowland for good, but he will return if the makers of the show let him come back for another episode, (breaking the fourth wall). However, he did not return for another episode in the second or third/final season of the series, making "Enquiring Masks Want to Know", Skillit's final appearance in the series.
  • In the episode "Shadow of a Skillit", Skillit says he hates it when goody-two-shoes (good people) possess the Mask of Loki like Stanley Ipkiss, and that "Honest Abe" character, revealing that Abraham Lincoln used to possess the Mask, being the first ever good person to use it. Since Skillit hates it when good people have the Mask, he likely is responsible for his assassination at Ford's Theater in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth.


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