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The Skinz is a white supremacist gang and villains in the violent video game Manhunt.


James Earl Cash faces the Skinz after getting dropped off at Junkyard by Cerberus members. Cash brutally kills most of the Skinz in the level before being captured by the Cerberus again. After this, Skinz is not seen again.

One of the Skinz is seen in a trailer, The Skinz wants to kill Cash because Lionel Starkweather or Ramirez said that Cash was a mixed-race and a mud-blood, what is actually a lie.


  • They are composed of Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, and violent White Supremacists.
  • A Skinz member is seen in the cover of the game.
  • Some members resemble Jason Voorhees.
  • Ironically, they are lead by Ramirez, who is a Latin-American.
  • This group's name is also that of real-life Danish singer Skinz.

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