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Skip is the main antagonist of the 2009 science fiction family film Aliens in the Attic. He is a Zirkonian commander from the planet Zirkon who serves as the leader of his team as well as the archenemy of the Pearson kids.

He was voiced by J.K. Simmons, who also played Terence Fletcher in Whiplash, Captain Matt McKenna in 21 Bridges, J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Kai the Collector in Kung Fu Panda 3, Cave Johnson in Portal 2, Vernon Schillinger in the TV series Oz, and Omni-Man in Invincible.


When four aliens consisting of Skip, Sparks, Razor and Tazer arrive on Earth, they crashland onto the roof of the Pearson family's vacation home, breaking their satellite dish. Tom, Jake and Bethany's boyfriend Ricky walk up to the attic to investigate, but Ricky sends Tom out the window to fix the satellite with Jake following him. They discover that the dish is beyond repairs and notice Sparks. Sparks greets Tom and Jake until Skip stops him and tells them that they come in peaces. Sparks corrects him, but Skip orders Razor and Tazer to attack them. Tazer points his gun at the pair, but Ricky comes over and Tazer shoots him behind his neck instead. Skip tests the brainwashed Ricky and he uses him as his pawn to attack Tom and Jake as he announces that he and his aliens will claim their planet. Skip also gives them the options of eternal enslavement and instantaneous death. The pair try to escape while Skip decides to kill them. Tom and Jake try to open the window, but it is locked. Skip once again uses Ricky to attack them, but he falls off the roof and Tazer falls over. As Razor attacks Tom, Hannah comes to investigate and Jake tells her to open the window, although a bug scares her away. Tazer uses his gun to shoot Jake, but Tom stops him. Art and Lee come over and Lee opens the window, allowing Tom and Jake to get back inside. Tom orders the kids to get back downstairs and they do so as the aliens break in through the window. Tazer shoots Tom and Jake in their necks and they fall down the ladder. The twins manage to close the attic before the aliens can get out. The mind control buds suddenly fall off of Tom and Jake's necks, while Skip orders Sparks to fix the remote. The aliens try to open the attic, but the kids manage to close it, cutting off Razor's nail-like claws in the process.

Skip berates his minions for letting the kids get away, resulting in them arguing with each other. Skip explains that he could lose his position and Tazer decides to enslave some humans. Sparks asks them why they should enslave the humans and Skip explains that humans are vicious beings, so peace isn't an option. The kids call the police to inform them about the aliens in their attic, but Sheriff Armstrong refuses to believe them and Razor cuts the lines. Skip orders Sparks to fix the mind control plugs, but to no avail and he realizes that the plugs don't work on kids as he throws the remote in a fit of anger. Sparks tries to fix the locator map and Skip orders Razor and Tazer to help him with his plan to invade Earth, rather than watch television. Tazer catches a rat and prepares to eat it, but Skip stops him and swallows it whole. Meanwhile, Tom and Jake climb up to the attic window and eavesdrop on the aliens' plan to head to the basement. Jake slips, although Skip catches sight of Tom as they fall off. The kids head to the basement and realize that something is setting Art's DS to glitch and they come up with a plan to defend the basement with their ultimate weapon.

Jake and the twins head upstairs and Jake shoots at the attic with his punisher paintball gun as the attic door opens. An anti-gravity grenade falls out of the attic and it sets off, causing the kids to levitate. Tom and Hannah come into the room and Razor and Tazer jump from the attic with their gravity boots as they head for the door. However, Tom stops them with a fire extinguisher and locks the door. Tazer reaches for the lock, but Jake and Tom manage to break the grenade and they fall to the ground. The two aliens manage to escape and close the attic, but not before Jake shoots a paintball at Tazer.

When the kids realize that the aliens are heading to the basement through the vents, Tom raises the heat and the aliens turn back. The kids then use a toy car with a camera on to follow the aliens through the vents, but Skip sneaks up from behind the car and destroys it before throwing it out of the vents. Lee cuts off the power and Jake throws firecrackers in the vents, forcing the aliens to retreat. Tom tells Hannah to hide in her room where Sparks falls in and befriends her. Skip realizes that Sparks is missing and they head back to the room, where they find Sparks with the kids. Skip drools on Art's shirt and they disappear before Art could look up. Sparks reveals to the kids that the base that the aliens are after is actually under the basement and shows them what it is. Meanwhile, Tazer brainwashes Nana in her bathroom and Skip controls her to attack the kids. Hannah uses her bubble gun to hold Skip back and the kids manage to capture him and lock Skip in a box while Lee manages to retrieve Nana's controller. Razor and Tazer come into the room and take the suitcase with them, but Sparks manages to hide.

Sheriff Armstrong arrives and confronts the kids for making a false emergency. Skip watches through the key hole and contacts his minions if they have Sparks, to which they reply that they don't. Before Sheriff Armstrong could look into the box, the kids' parents arrive. Tazer tries to shoot a control bud onto the sheriff from the roof, but Jake comes over and distracts him. Jake chases Tazer, only to run into his and Razor's trap and is captured. During a barbeque, Skip breaks out from the box and controls Ricky to retrieve Sparks in Hannah's backpack. The kids try to follow him, but Nate stops them until the twins control Nana to convince him to let them go.

They follow Ricky inside the house, where they spot him throwing the backpack into the basement and hides the key by swallowing it. Skip explains through Ricky that there will be many alien reinforcements and that Jake will be eliminated if they continue to resist. The twins control Nana and they engage in a fight. Tom spots Skip on the light and he tells the twins to send Nana after him. Nana walks up the stairs and Ricky tries to attack her, but misses. Nana slides down the stairs and reaches for Skip, but he dodges her grasp. Eventually, Nana knocks the bud off of Ricky's neck and kicks him down the stairs just as Bethany walks in. Skip reveals himself to Bethany and threatens to exterminate the humans tonight as he rushes down into the basement. The parents come over and send the kids up to their room for punishment. They interrogate Bethany and she informs them about the aliens. As the aliens start up the machine, Skip orders Sparks to build it, but he refuses and Skip tosses him into the pit.

Bethany and the kids convince Tom to save humanity and he agrees as the kids head to the basement, where they manage to find Jake and untie him. Jake explains that the aliens took Sparks outside and they head out. The aliens start up the machine, but Sparks convinces them to stop as humans are revealed to be friendly. The kids rescue Sparks by throwing Coke bombs at the aliens, knocking Tazer unconscious while Bethany fights and defeats Razor. Tom confronts Skip and shoots a potato at him, causing Skip to land on the machine. The machine throws Skip out in the trees and the kids celebrate their apparent victory. However, Sparks tells the kids that the machine makes anyone grow as Skip, now a giant, emerges from the trees laughing. Skip taunts the kids and heads off to summon the Zirkonian fleet for the invasion on Earth.

However, Tom comes up with a plan to defeat Skip before he and Jake follow him, although Skip successfully manages to call the invasion with his beacons. Jake starts to taunt Skip by getting his attention which angers him and tries to stomp on Jake. Tazer regains consciousness and also grows into a giant, while Tom manages to shoot the plug into Skip's neck. As Tazer reaches for Tom, the twins control Skip, allowing the two aliens to engage in a fight. Tom then tells Sparks to reverse the machine in which he does so. At first, Tazer gains the upper hand, but Tom uses the controller and manages to kick Tazer in his groin. The two of them then fall down onto the machine and shrink back to their normal size. Razor picks up Tazer and they retreat, while the machine shrinks down with Skip. Alien reinforcements arrive, but Sparks calls off the invasion and heads back home.

The next morning, while the family head out to go fishing, Skip climbs a pole and glares at them as he kicks a soda cap into the pond. However, he gets snatched up by a crow and is carried away to its nest, while he screams in terror. It is unknown what happened to Skip, whether he was killed by the crow or had survived.


Skip is an extremely vicious, arrogant, cruel, ruthless, abusive and cunning alien who only cares about conquering Earth. He hates humans and has a prejudice towards those who stand in his way. He never cared if humans were dangerous or not, despite Sparks' warnings.





  • He is 478 years old in Zirkonian years, and 48 in Earth years.


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