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Skip Muldoon is a minor antagonist in Hitman: Blood Money, being the main target of the "Death on the Missisippi" mission.


Skip Muldoon was born in a small town in the Mississippi which was known for its heavy inbreeding. He had a brother named John Leblanc and a son named Buddy Muldoon.

Throughout the '90s, Muldoon was famous for being the captain of the steamboat Emily, which won many awards. In reality, Skip was a gang leader (running the Gator Gang and the Blue Claws) and a drug trafficker who used his steamboat to smuggle massive amounts of drugs across the river. He would also use his boat as a cover for extravagant activities involving sex and drugs, including raping his own niece at one point.

Later, Agent 47 was hired (presumably by Skip's niece) to assassinate the perverted captain and his gang.


Skip Muldoon is the walking manifestation of a negative bisexual stereotype. A chubby, flamboyant captain with a high-pitched voice who waddles around his ship, trying to sleep with everyone and everything. He is sleazy, perverted, and depraved, trying to coerce heterosexual men into sleeping with him for his own pleasure. He is also incestuous, having raped his niece and kept the recordings to watch whenever he pleased.

Skip was also extremely hedonistic. He adores cake, drugs, and sex, and is known for his massive appetite, as the bakers would make frequent trips to deliver him food in his private quarters.

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