That sounds official. Please hold, your call is very important to us.
~ Skip Tyler.

Skip Tyler is a major antagonist in White House Down. He is a computer hacker who is a member of a group of a mercenaries led by Emil Stenz.

He was portrayed by Jimmi Simpson, who also portrayed the younger version of William in Westworld.


According to his profile, Skip Tyler used to work for the NSA, but was fired for rewriting launch missile coordinates for Apple Headquarters due to having grown tired of their music-sharing policies.

Wanting revenge, Skip and his fellow mercenaries was hired by Eli Raphelson to help Martin Walker attack the White House. As part of the plan, Skip hacks into the defense system so that they can use the missiles to blow up numerous cities. He managed to do so before receiving a call from NORAD before putting them on hold. He also had a bomb set up in the sewer along with a security camera in case anyone would try to flee the White House through there.

After finishing up the hacking of the network, Skip attempted to escape by posing as a National Guard just as Raphelson ordered an air strike that will destroy the White House. Skip hurried to the tunnel where his bomb had been set up by fellow mercenaries. He tried to swipe a card across it to disable it; the attempt was unsuccessful. He then tried again, but this time, it resulted the bomb to be activated, much to Skip's shock and disbelief. As a result, Skip dies in the explosion.


  • Skip Tyler might have been inspired by Theo from Die Hard. They are both hackers among their fellow teammates and are the only characters in their movie to not encounter the main protagonist, whose name is John (John Cale and John McClane). The main difference, however, is that Skip was killed while Theo survived.
  • He killed a total of sixteen people throughout the movie.
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