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There are no innocents! We are guilty of letting America slide from greatness into the muck of mediocrity--Allowing our perfect nation to become a haven for unwholesome aliens like you! The Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism would have changed all that--We would have begun a nuclear tidal wave which would have swept this country--The world-- Clean!
~ Skonk explaining his M.O. to Splinter and the turtles

Skonk is a minor antagonist from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics from Mirage. He is the main antagonist of the issue Survivalists.


He is an African American with black hair that has a white streak in it, reminiscent of a skunk. He primarily dresses in white and wears sunglasses.


In the middle of a picnic, the turtles, Casey, April, and Splinter were having, they were interrupted by a man with glasses who fell over while running. Confronted by Casey, the man, Michael Murphy, realizes they are not with the crazed survivalists who had kidnapped him five weeks ago. The survivalists wanted him to make them a nuclear bomb.

The survivalists, the Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism, were getting frustrated by how long the US/USSR nuclear war is taking and they might not be able to prove their survival skills, something Murphy calls insane. The survivalists wanted to set up this atomic bomb in a critical military base, believing it would start the war.

They threatened to kill him and the parts for the bomb are with them. He demands the terrorists to be stopped moments before getting shot, though not dying, by Skonk with a sniper rifle from six hundred yards. Upon seeing the turtles, Splinter, and their friends with the injured Murphy, he declares them to be history and orders his goons Pewk and Chet to head down the gorge to his left and has Spuds and Bubba follow down the stream on the right.

Skonk proceeds to take the middle. Witnessing this, Leonardo explains that they need to get Murphy out of this forest, Casey and April give him a ride in the car to the hospital. Don explains to Raph that taking on C.R.A.P. is no piece of cake as they are likely armed with automatic weapons and he (Don) might not be able to disarm the nuclear bomb. Don suggests they leave as the bomb could get them killed if it works and it claims the lives of any creature within a five mile radius.

Raph refuses as he has no intent of chickening out much to Don's annoyance as he considers the bomb far more dangerous than a firecracker. Splinter manages to break this fight, explaining that there are agencies run by humans that deal with circumstances such as this and must function as a rear guard to April and Casey while they get Murphy to the Cooley-Dickinson hospital. With the stealth training Splinter taught them, the turtles fight the terrorists, with one of the turtles breaking a goon’s gun after knocking him out, Michaelangelo snatching another man’s gun out of his hands.

Skonk is confronted by Splinter who has come to stop him. Furious, Skonk attempted to shoot him, but Splinter vanished and countered him with a nerve jab followed up with a crane strike. Splinter chides Skonk for strength over subtlety and tells him that he must surrender as the turtles are disabling his plans and taking apart his "machine of hate". Skonk responds by smacking him, saying he is not through with him and the turtles and runs off to the bunker. Don arrives at the bunker and considers the area to be potentially booby-trapped. He barely dodges a crossbow bolt linked to the front door. Upon further investigation, he finds the nuclear device.

With the remainder of Skonk's cronies defeated, Skonk proceeds to carry out what’s left of his plan and grabs his radio controlled trigger. Upon climbing up at the roof, Splinter warns him to consider his path more carefully as thousands of innocents could die if he activates the bomb. Skonk refuses, telling him he doesn’t take orders from rats like him and shows him his trigger, saying it may not have been planned the way he intended and that there are no innocents and everyone is guilty of letting America fall from greatness and would’ve started a nuclear war to wipe the country and likely the world clean.

When Splinter asks why others must die for his statement rather than take up a less lethal manner of communication, Skonk shouts that nobody notices, listens, or changes unless there was blood, pain, and death. When Skonk triggers the bomb, Donatello arrives and orders everyone to hit the dirt as the bomb explodes, but it only succeeds in killing Skonk as Don had removed the plutonium core.

Although, the surviving members of C.R.A.P. regained consciousness and escaped, none of them are likely to cause trouble. Murphy is revealed to be doing well at the hospital and will be released in four weeks.

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