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Faithful members of Humans Against The Extraterrestrials; Today, we make history! Today, we show those alien slime bags that you don’t mess with the human race! Not when H.A.T.E. is on the job! You’ve heard the lies! The aliens were defeated, all is safe. Well, don’t believe it. Look at the news: Aliens attack in subway skirmish! Aliens in our sewers! Mob chases alien in Allenger Alley! And what do these alien sightings have in common? (Flunky: Uh... aliens?) No! Well yeah, but no! What else? (All flunkies: ...New York City!) That’s right! They're dug deep in the Big Apple, and no one is doing a freaking thing about it! Until now.
~ Skonk to the subordinates at his bunker

Skonk is a minor antagonist from the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and its version of the terrorist from the Mirage comics. He is the main antagonist of the episode "H.A.T.E.".

He was voiced by Sean Schemmel.


He is a white man with Black hair and two white streaks in it, much like a skunk, and a narrow beard. He wears dark grey pants, black gloves, a red head band, dark grey pants, and a shirt with a "No" symbol on it.


While Raphael and Michelangelo were playing a game of shooting arrows into apples with Don wanting to save at least one, they hear gunshots and investigate where they learn from a wounded man that a group of people have a bomb and other things like the city and aliens. Before losing consciousness, the man, who was shot in the shoulder, tells the turtles the group has gone too far.

Soon after several members of this group arrive, searching for the wounded man. Don tells Mike and Raph to keep the man's pursuers away while he tends to the man. One of the pursuers questions Skonk, their leader, about hunting down one of their members, but Skonk rebuffs his concerns as he considers nothing too extreme against the "alien menace" and reminds him that they are the Humans Against The Extraterrestrials (also known as H.A.T.E.) whose cause is a lifelong commitment. He then orders his two cronies to find the wounded man and kill him for his betrayal. Skonk then sets off to make last minute preparations at his base.

At the base, Skonk makes a speech to his flunkies there about presumed aliens in New York and unveils the Thermonuclear Bomb within his truck intended to destroy the area they call "Alien Central".

Meanwhile, after the two men were dispatched, Mike agrees to take the wounded man to the hospital while Don and Raph deal with H.A.T.E.. The two find the footprints and discuss the topic of the bomb with Don bringing into account that there may be more of these bombs. Right then they are confronted by two of Skonk’s flunkies with Don managing to knock them out while Raph deals with two more of them.

Back at his HQ, Skonk announces the bomb is good to go and asks why the patrols have not reported in. Right then, he finds a dune buggy driving towards the base while loaded with weapons and leaking oil ignited with a taser Don confiscated from one of the flunkies and orders his men to take cover.

Don and Raph infiltrate the barn Skonk used as his base and find the bomb. Don warns Raph not to touch it as it is an armed thermonuclear device. Right then, they are confronted by Skonk who tells them the bomb is to kill off "alien scum" like them and forces them to reach for the sky. Skonk exclaims that nothing will stop him from "keeping safe for the human race". But Don proceeds to disarm him with Raph asking Skonk to disarm his nuke. Skonk instead sprays them in the eyes with mace and hops into his truck and drives off, declaring that he will kill off every alien.

The duo pursue him in a buggy and catch up with him on the road to New York with Don opening the back to deal with the bomb while Raph deals with Skonk in the driver’s seat. Raph's scuffle with Skonk causes Don to cut the wrong wire by mistake, activating the nuke. After Raph incapacitates Skonk and jumps out with him, Don jumps out with the plutonium core he removed. They then tied Skonk up with their belts and left him for the cops with the plutonium core as evidence. Just in, Mike comes to pick them up after he successfully got the wounded man to the hospital.


  • In the original comic: "Survivalists", which the episode based on, Skonk was African American, and his group was called C.R.A.P. (Committe to Restored American Patriotism) and he wanted to blow up an American city and the Soviets would be blame, causing both countries to go to war. His fate is also different, while he dies in the comic, he lives in the end and later arrested.

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