Skorpius is a giant scorpion and a major antagonist in God of War III.

Her vocal sound effects were provided by David Farmer.


Skorpius is a gigantic scorpion. Her body is infused with glowing Onyx crystals that protect her skin and change color with damage, and has a large mouth that she attempts to eat Kratos with. Her giant stinger has the Boreas' Icestorm in it, which allows her to send out ice crystals to attack with.


When Kratos was trying to unlock the secrets of the Labyrinth, he comes across several scorpions attacking him. He eventually comes across the Queen of Scorpion; Skorpius.

She randomly attacks Kratos along with a group of smaller scorpions on a giant floating crate inside Mount Olympus.

After Kratos weakens some of Skorpius' legs on one side, he processed to rip off one of Skorpius' fangs. Kratos tries to weaken the rest of the legs on the other side but Skorpius gets smarter and tries to keep her legs from getting weaker.

After Kratos weaken the rest of Skorpius' legs, she attempts to retreat, but Kratos catches up to her and uses her own stinger to stab herself, freezing her, after this, he destroys her frozen body.


  • Skorpius is unusual in that she is the only boss in God of War III who is not an important godlike character from mythology, and much like the Kraken from God of War II, appears completely out of nowhere. However, it is possible that she is meant to be the scorpion that killed Orion.
  • While not being the only female antagonist, Skorpius is the only female boss from God of War III, since the other female antagonists are killed by Kratos but not in a direct fight.


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