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Surrender, Merlin!
~ Skrael confronting Merlin.
Because you will be... our champion!
~ Bellroc telling Morgana why she was brought back to life.
Tata Om Bakanze Maha Randza!
~ Skrael and Bellroc chanting in unison as they release Morgana from the Shadow Realm.

Skrael and Bellroc are the main antagonists of the Tales of Arcadia franchise.

They are the unseen overarching antagonists of the first installment Trollhunters and the second installment 3Below, the main antagonists of the third installment Wizards, and are set to appear in the upcoming movie and final installment Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. They are also mentioned in the video game Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

They are two demigods and the leaders of the Arcane Order who seek to erase the universe from existence and capture Nari to obtain the Genesis Seals so that they can unleash uncontrolled magic to remake the Earth, as well as annihilate all of humankind because of their disgust and hatred of them. They are the archenemies of Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan and Nari, and were the masters of King Arthur and Morgana before the latter's redemption.

Skrael was voiced by Piotr Michael who also voiced the Fearless Leader in the 2018 reboot of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, Major Threat in Wander Over Yonder, and Scrapwave in Trains-Formers. Bellroc was voiced by Kay Bess who also voiced Ana in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Physical Appearance

Skrael has light blue skin and eyes with a black sclera, similar to that of an Akiridion. He also has a black line running on his chin and wears a horned animal's skull, black bracelets on his wrists and ankles, and a black cloak. He also has no hair and is shorter than Bellroc.

Bellroc has gray skin and used to have orange eyes until Callista, who was Deya the Deliverer, slashed them off during the Battle of Killahead Bridge, after which he or she wears a black blindfold with red markings. He or she also wears a bird-like creature's skull, pauldrons on his or her shoulders which function as another pair of eyes, and a cape with black feathers. He or she also has red hair and is taller than Skrael.

Both of them are barefoot and wield staffs that align with their specific elements: cyrokinesis for Skreal's, and pyrokinesis for Bellroc's.


Bellroc and Skreal believe humanity is lost, beyond correction. Now, they wish to end it all.
~ Nari to Merlin about Skrael and Bellroc.

Skrael and Bellroc are two hateful demigods, being cruel, merciless, and sadistic in their actions. They hate humanity and believe that the latter cannot change from their wrongdoings, which is primarily because they saw humanity's corruption and thus sought to protect the balance between mankind and magic.

However, Skrael and Bellroc's version of the balance was that magic would overthrow mankind as the dominant force, and plus, they only brought misery and calamity through their actions instead of true balance. It was because of this that Nari tries to convince them to change because the pain and suffering she felt was never worth it, but they never listened to her about their motives nor acknowledged the result of their actions, and instead remained in their evil ways. This shows how hypocritical and self-righteous their ambitions truly are as they accuse humanity of being corrupt, even though they are corrupt themselves.

They are also manipulative towards Morgana, claiming that she is their "champion" when she was really used as their pawn so they can get what they want. Bellroc even killed King Arthur in front of her, telling her that King Arthur was Merlin's puppet and that she must prove her loyalty. When Skrael and Bellroc summoned Morgana from the Shadow Realm after she failed to play her part in their plan, they berate her for never finishing her purpose to fix their balance, so they now want to use the Genesis Seals to unleash uncontrollable magic to destroy the entire universe, which would include not only humanity, but also the magical and extraterrestrial beings living in it, and then remake the Earth in their own image.

In conclusion, even though they claimed they wanted to make things right by fixing the balance between mankind and magic, it is only by their own twisted standards as they caused pain and destruction instead of balance, and truly care about no one but themselves. They don't care about the well-being of other magical creatures like themselves, which is shown though their treatment of Morgana; it's also shown when Bellroc outright attacks Deya and tells her that she means nothing to him or her and the Arcane Order, even though Deya is a troll, which is a type of magical creature. They don't even have any caring nor protection for each other because their relationship only goes as far as partnership, and they sometimes berate each other when things don't turn out well for them. In the end, they no longer care about restoring the balance between magic and mortal and now only care about eradicating all of reality itself and remaking the Earth as the only thing left, by using Nari to break the Genesis Seals simply because they saw Morgana as a failure, which was why Nari renounced the Arcane Order in the first place.

Individually, Skrael is the one who is more intelligent and strategic, as he points out to Bellroc that the Arcane Order can't intervene at the Battle of Killahead Bridge or bad consequences would follow for them, and that burning down GDT Arcane Books, Merlin's library in Arcadia, is pointless. He is also shown to be suspicious about Morgana after he and Bellroc release her from the Shadow Realm so she can become part of the Arcane Order once again, as when she is looking at a painting of her with Merlin and Douxie, he notes that she was naïve. He also asks her suspiciously about other places of Merlin's power other than GDT Arcane Books, and as it turns out, Morgana wasn't truly loyal to the Arcane Order anymore when she came back. He is also much more sadistic than Bellroc as he takes his time to torture Steve like a psychopathic man-child, and even though Bellroc tells him to stop and he apologizes, he shows that he isn't truly sorry by continuing to do so anyway.

On the other hand, Bellroc is more impulsive and enraged as he or she decided to make the move to intervene at the Battle of Killahead Bridge despite Skrael's warnings, foreshadowing him or her getting his or her eyes slashed out by Deya the Deliverer, the first Trollhunter. He or she also gets furious when Skrael kept torturing Steve, though this was only because he was interrupting his or her monologue towards Douxie and Merlin in their fortress. However, after using arson in GDT Arcane Books, Bellroc does feel calmer as it helps him or her think and come up with a plan in order for them both to reach their common goal of destroying the universe and remaking the world as they see fit. He or she does have a shade of sadism as well, as shown when he or she was smiling as Skrael was telling Morgana that it was King Arthur, the Green Knight, who gave them both the idea of releasing her from the Shadow Realm.

Powers and Abilities

An Infinite Corridor? Agh! Beginner's magic. You think this will hold us?
~ Skrael, telling Douxie that he and Bellroc are too smart to be tricked by an Infinite Corridor.

As demigods who are over a millennia old and some of the most powerful beings in existence, Skrael and Bellroc are very powerful and formidable, making them very capable of widespread devastation. This makes them some of the most dangerous opponents that the Guardians of Arcadia have ever faced.


  • Cyrokinesis: Skrael can use his magic to create ice at his will. This is shown when he creates long ice spikes to board his enemies, and also a blizzard to take down multiple soldiers at once.
  • Pyrokinesis: Bellroc can use his or her magic to create flames at his or her will. This is shown when he or she creates a fireball to thrust it to take down multiple soldiers at once, and also a fiery swirl when he or she leaves his or her spot.
  • Necromancy: Both Skrael and Bellroc can resurrect people back from the dead, as when they revived King Arthur to use him as their Green Knight.
  • Brainwashing: Skrael and Bellroc are able to brainwash others to force them into their service by using their magics to bring their victims' bodies under their control while their souls are trapped in the Shadow Realm.


  • Staffsmanship: Skrael and Bellroc are capable of wielding their staffs as their weapons and using them to do different attacks.
  • Manipulation: Skrael and Bellroc are very good at manipulating others, such as when they manipulated Morgana into becoming their "champion", and King Arthur into joining their cause.
  • Combatant: Skrael and Bellroc are more than capable of close combat, as they were able to take down several soldiers with their magics.


Appearances in the Franchise

TV Series


  • "Spellbound"
  • "Lady of the Lake"
  • "Battle Royale"
  • "Killahead, Part One"
  • "Killahead, Part Two"
  • "Wizard Underground"
  • "Dragon's Den"
  • "Our Final Act"


  • Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (upcoming)

Video Games

  • Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia (mentioned)


Surrender, Merlin!
~ Skrael telling Merlin to surrender to the Arcane Order.
Bellroc: Nari has a habit of playing with humans, despite my warnings.
Skrael: It survived the reincarnation. Surprising.
Nari: I told you she could, Skrael. So old, and they still heven't learned manners.
Morgana: Who are you?
Nari: Well, I am Nari of the Eternal Forest, and that is Skrael of the North Wind, and that is Bellroc.
Bellroc: Keeper of the Flame.
~ The Arcane Order being introduced.
Bellroc: We are the First. We have watched over magics since the stars were young.
Skrael: But man has destroyed the balance.
Bellroc: Just as they tried to destroy you.
Morgana: But you brought me back. Why?
Skrael: Because you can right what the mortals made wrong.
Bellroc: You come from their world, but fight for ours. You will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters.
[Golden armor is created and placed on Morgana.]
Bellroc: You will be the instrument of our reckoning.
Morgana: I accept this gift.
~ Skrael and Bellroc discussing their motives with Morgana.
Skrael: And so the battle begins.
Bellroc: And the reign of humanity ends.
~ Skrael and Bellroc as they watch the Battle of Killahead Bridge together with Nari.
Bellroc: Unacceptable!
Skrael: We cannot intervene. There will be consequences.
Bellroc: Enough waiting!
~ Skrael and Bellroc before they and Nari intervene at the Battle of Killahead Bridge.
Merlin's puppet is GONE! Go finish it. Show us your loyalty, Morgana!
~ Bellroc telling Morgana to show her loyalty to the Arcane Order.
Mundane, simple creature. You stain magic. You are nothing in our eyes!
~ Bellroc telling Deya that she means nothing to him or her and the Arcane Order, even though Deya is a magical creature herself.
Skrael: We have miscalculated. The battle is lost.
Nari: I feel so much… pain. So many lives lost. This was not worth it.
Bellroc: We will readjust and return in time.
~ Skrael and Bellroc as Nari quits working with them.
Bellroc: Nari, come back for us and finish the work you have begun!
Skrael: You misunderstand our grand vision.
Douxie: They are under our protection!
Bellroc: So be it!
~ Skrael and Bellroc before unleashing King Arthur, who is now the Green Knight, on the Guardians of Arcadia.
Bellroc: The amulet, made from the last remaining piece of her.
Skrael: With it, we return her to this world.
~ Skrael and Bellroc beginning their ritual.
Skrael: Thou who sleeps but yearns to slay, heed the call, rise up, obey.
Bellroc: Travel through the shadow door, assemble flesh, and walk once more!
~ Skrael and Bellroc releasing Morgana so they could use her as a pawn once more.
Bellroc: Recover your strength, Morgana. The Shadow Realm has takes its toll on you.
Skrael: You never finished your purpose: to make things right, to fix the balance.
Bellroc: No more half-measures. Now we walk a new path to remake the world.
~ Skrael and Bellroc telling Morgana her role about their plot, even though Morgana told them that her torment ended and she was in peace in the Shadow Realm.
Skrael: Surrendering already? I was hoping for a little more cat and mouse.
Bellroc: You will be rewarded with a quick and painful death!
~ Skrael and Bellroc to the Guardians of Arcadia.
Bellroc: Our missing third in exchange for your troll mongrel?
Skrael: You would give up your only advantage? What does this gain you?
~ Skrael and Bellroc questioning the exchange they are being asked to make.
Skrael: Where's Nari? The
real one?
~ Skrael and Bellroc upon realizing that they were tricked.
Bellroc: Foolish servant, you think you can stop us? We planned for a millennium, gathering, waiting… (turns to Skrael) Do… you… MIND?
Skrael: Sorry. It's just… so… fun.
Bellroc:…to undo you! To UNDO
~ Bellroc giving off his or her monologue and revealing that he or she and Skrael plan to destroy everything.
Bellroc: We propose new terms.
Skrael: Give us Nari or he dies!
~ Skrael and Bellroc threatening to kill Douxie if Merlin doesn't give them the real Nari.
Raze the foundations! Find the Seals! Leave his allies no place to hide!
~ Bellroc searching for the Genesis Seals.
You were naïve.
~ Skrael to Morgana.
Skrael: My patience grows thin, mortals. Don't you realize you've already lost? Merlin is dead at the hands of his greatest champion, and we turned his Trollhunter against you.
Bellroc: Tell us where to find Merlin's errand boy or be turned to ash.
~ Skrael and Bellroc taunting and threatening the Guardians of Arcadia.
Bellroc: Secure Nari.
Skrael: And if the others give you any trouble… kill them.
~ Skrael and Bellroc giving orders to King Arthur.
Skrael: Where is the boy wizard?
Bellroc: He's after Nari!
~ Skrael and Bellroc after they returned from the time loop.
Foolish child, you have lost! Thanks to you, we have the Genesis Seals. The summoning is nigh!
~ Bellroc taunting Douxie.


  • Skrael was named after Skrælings, which were indigenous, North American people encountered in the 11th century by vikings from Greenland. In Old Norse, the word Skrælings meant "foreigner" or "barbarian".
  • Bellroc has lava blood, as shown during the Battle of Killahead Bridge after Deya slashes out his or her eyes.
  • Bellroc's voice seems to change between masculine and feminine depending on his or her mood. He or she uses a masculine voice whenever he or she is frustrated or angry, but uses a feminine voice whenever he or she is calmer.
  • Skrael and Bellroc, alongside Nari, are the first demigods to appear in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.

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