At last! Rudy Tabootie!
~ Srawl meeting Rudy

Skrawl is a villainous chalk creation of Rudy on Chalkzone. He once stole Rudy's magic chalk and threatened to destroy him and his creations. He has henchmen known as the "Beanie Boys", a trio of flying bee-like humanoids who do the bidding of their villainous master.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.



Skrawl was first created at a child's birthday party. Rudy intended to make him something else, but a bunch of other kids messed him up, making him look like a cootie.

In ChalkZone

After he ended up into chalk zone, he has been planning to get rid of Rudy ever since. He once stole Rudy's magic chalk and threatened to destroy him and his creations, and even forced Rudy to build a giant-sized female mannequin, so he could attach an evil brain, eyes, ears, mouth and nose to it. This creation proved to be a greater threat then the Skrawl, and he and Rudy teamed up to stop her. He has henchmen known as the Beanie Boys, chalk beings who do the bidding of their villainous master. He live in a mansion, on top of a giant cactus. Once, he and Craniac 4, built a helpful and destructive robot version of Rudy to destroy the Magic chalk Mine. 


Skarwl is as his name would state is a scarwl drawing. He is very evil, arrogant, and easily angered. 

Chalkzone - Skrawl Theme

Chalkzone - Skrawl Theme

Skrawl's theme.


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