I'm smelling what I'm trying to say, and I'm hearing what I should be seeing. I'm losing control.
~ Beautiful Brain

Skrawl's Brain, also known as the Brain or the Beautiful Brain, is a secondary antagonist in the cartoon Chalkzone. Her first and only appearance was in the epiode Scrawl's Brain, which is the tenth episode of the third season.


Brain was created by Skrawl to hypnotise everyone in Chalk Zone into thinking they were chickens. With everyone now under Scrawl's control, he led them to a large gorge and threated Rudy that if he didn't surrender he will bury them in pudding. Rudy fought against Scrawl, but even with Brain at Scrawl's command he was still unable to defeat him.

Growing angry, Scrawl began insulting Brain. Not wanting to be controlled anymore, she turned on Skrawl. Now free from his command, Brain ordered Rudy to make her a body of her own or else she will keep everyone as chickens forever. Unable to refuse, Rudy created her a giant body. However, to make it work, she had to have her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth disconnected and reconnected on the inside.

Unfortunately for her, Rudy had her parts reconnected in the wrong places. Unable to control herself, she collapsed into the gorge below. To make matters worse, her fall caused the bowl of pudding to be knocked over, covering her in it. While she at first enjoy the pudding, it wasn't until Scrawl said that it had raisins in it that she freaked out.


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