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SkullKnightmon is one of the major antagonists in the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure, and Gatomon’s dark corrupted alter-ego. She serves as an agent of Devimon until his death and takes over as the secondary antagonist of the second half until her own defeat and reverts back to her true form, Gatomon. Much like Devimon, her consciousness continues to exist as a separate entity within Gatomon, although SkullKnightmon only makes herself known again following her defeat to unexpectedly rescue Gatomon from destruction.


SkullKnightmon is a Knight all clad in black. She has two bloodshot eyes on her chest and carries two red spears.


Originally, SkullKnightmon was Ophanimon, one of the two Holy Digimon who fought Millenniummon in the ancient past. After the battle, Ophanimon died of her injuries and was turned into a Digi-Egg that was captured and corrupted by the Vademon, minions of Millenniummon. As a result, when Ophanimon was reborn, she became the evil SkullKnightmon rather than Gatomon. However, Gatomon's uncorrupted soul still existed, trapped within SkullKnightmon's body.

After Nidhoggmon was destroyed by Omnimon, Devimon sends his agents, SkullKnightmon, Velgemon and Calmaramon to attack the Digidestined.

After Velgemon was destroyed by the combined attacks of MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon (thanks to Angemon’s holy power), SkullKnightmon suddenly appears and steals Angemon’s Digi-Egg. She attacks them with his Nastagia attack, and escapes on horseback with DarkMaildramon. She takes the opportunity to imprison Angemon’s Digi-Egg in Devimon’s castle.

After Splashmon’s defeat, Yamato, Taichi, Takeru, and their Digimon partners arrive in Devimon’s tower (located on top of ElDradimon), where they confront SkullKnightmon. Greymon and Garurumon put up a great battle against SkullKnightmon until he has the upper hand in brutally beating them. They Digivolve to MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon to get their upper hand against SkullKnightmon. However, Devimon, who was watching the duel, supports SkullKnightmon by Digivolving into AxeKnightmon. She brutally fights MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon, while Yamato and Takeru manage to reclaim Angemon’s Digi-egg. As WereGarurumon was pinned by AxeKnightmon’s dark arrows, Yamato upgrades WereGarurumon by becoming his Saggitarious Mode, and manages to overpower AxeKnightmon. Just then, Angemon’s Digi-Egg glows and wipes out AxeKnightmon, destroying the tower in the process.

However, AxeKnightmon survives and resurrects the defeated NeoDevimon and Moon=Millenniummon’s dark power to Digivolve him into DoneDevimon while she escapes with DarkMaildramon.

After Devimon’s defeat, while the Digidestined and their Digimon partners reunited with each other on the new continent, AxeKnightmon ambushes them and attacks them. Patamon digivolves to Angemon to fight AxeKnightmon, but the battle seperates the other Digidestined and their partners into separate different locations. The battle reverted AxeKnightmon back into SkullKnightmon and Angemon back into Patamon.

After MetalGreymon defeats Volcadramon, SkullKnightmon suddenly kidnaps Hikari, Taichi’s little sister, and flies away with DarkMaildramon with her. She brings her to the area where Millenniummon is imprisoned.

Taichi, Sora, and Takeru (Yamato’s little brother), and their Digimon partner come face to face with in a showdown with SkullKnightmon. SkullKnightmon Digivolves again to AxeKnightmon and starts to resurrect Millenniummon. The battle becomes ferocious when AxeKnightmon becomes gigantic and attacks the Digidestined. After Garudamon defeats DarkMaildramon, AxeKnightmon imprisons Hikari inside himself as a sacrifice. Inside, Hikari finds Gatomon’s spirit, who has waited a long time for her. Taichi, now determined to rescue his sister, allows MetalGreymon to Digivolve to WarGreymon and is able to break through AxeKnightmon’s attack and impales her through the chest, finally rescuing Hikari and Gatomon. Awakened by Hikari and freed by WarGreymon, AxeKnightmon reverts into Gatomon who reveals that she is the second Holy Digimon that they have been looking for and she becomes Hikari's partner.

During a fight with MarineDevimon, a shard of Millenniummon attempts to corrupt Gatomon once again and digivolve her back into AxeKnightmon. However, Hikari is able to reach her partner who breaks free and digivolves to Angewomon instead to destroy MarineDevimon and the shard of Millenniummmon.

Much like Devimon, SkullKnightmon's consciousness continues to exist within Gatomon as a separate entity. After Seraphimon and Ophanimon are apparently destroyed by Abaddomon, shadowy images of DoneDevimon and SkullKnightmon emerge from their counterparts to save their lives with Devimon telling Seraphimon that even the whim of those who are shadows must be now be the same as everyone who is giving their hope to the Chosen Ones to beat Abaddomon and save both worlds. Devimon and SkullKnightmon then fade away once again.



  • Unlike the SkullKnightmon/AxeKnightmon in Digimon Fusion, this version of SkullKnightmon is female instead of male, likely a gender swap.
  • Unlike in Digimon Fusion, SkullKnightmon can Digivolve to AxeKnightmon instead of fusing with Axemon.
  • It is revealed that SkullKnightmon is the corrupted form of Gatomon.


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