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The Skull is the first villain MLJ (also known as Archie) comics' superhero the Black Hood ever faced. He was a ruthless criminal who has been around since at least the Old West.


The Skull was a criminal whose first recorded sighting was in an Old West village. When the sheriff tried to stop him, the Skull framed him for a crime and he escaped. Eventually, he did the same thing to Kip Burland, setting him on the road to the costume of the Black Hood.

He was next seen robbing people (whom he killed if they screamed) at a rich socialite's party. He was revealed to be disguised as the rich socialite, whom he kidnapped. After being defeated by the Black Hood in his first case, The Skull was arrested and sentenced to the electric chair for his crimes.

He was next sighted robbing a train. After the Black Hood stopped him, he escaped, vowing revenge. The Skull is next sighted disguised as a millionaire's chauffeur, turning him into a baby with an unidentified chemical, which he stole from the sheriff whom he framed. He holds the man for ransom. He appears to break into another millionaire's house and is knocked out by several cops. However, the man who was supposed to be the Skull was actually a young man who was attacked by the skull.

The real Skull turned the millionaire into a baby and escaped disguised as the cook. The Skull kidnaps yet another millionaire by turning him into a baby, vowing to strike again. When the Black Hood learns about this, he protects the next millionaire on the list. this sets up another battle between the Hood and the Skull. During the battle, the Skull throws the Black Hood down a flight of stairs, knocking him out. When the police arrive post-battle, Skull kidnaps a young socialite named Barbara Sutton (without turning her into a baby).

After seeing a picture that was one of the notes the Skull used to notify the police of the just thwarted kidnapping, the Black Hood deduces that the Skull's headquarters in on Mulberry Street. It is revealed that the baby gas wears off one month after exposure. The Skull tries to kidnap the failed millionaire again. The Skull turns the millionaire and the police unit all into babies. The Black Hood returns to defeat him. In the battle, Skull's filter is knocked out and he is shrunk down to infant size. With that, he is arrested. When the gas wears off, he is sent to the electric chair, ending his reign of terror permanently.