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Skull Kid is the titular main protagonist of the classic famous online video game with the same name. Skull Kid appears to be a boy, with a skull head, as well as having privileges of a chainsaw and a pistol.

In the game, Skull Kid appears first on the first floor, having its goal, of killing the boss. At the first floor, Skull Kid chainsawed a lot of different kind of objects, as well as killing three employees.

Eventually, Skull Kid went inside an elevator, going to the second floor, this time with a pistol. This time, Skull Kid didn't vandalize any objects, but he had a gunfight with four employees. As Skull Kid went further, the employee would have a stronger weapon against him.

In the end, Skull Kid went to the third floor, also known as the boss' floor, where Skull Kid totally chainsawed the boss to death.





  • The game was created by a user Kroded, that uploaded the game on September 14, 2002, Newgrounds.
  • On September 15, 2002, the game won the Daily 3rd Place on Newgrounds, as well getting front paged on June 3, 2013.