Skull Mask is the secondary antagonist of episode 13 of the 1968 Cyborg 009 anime.


Skull Mask and several of his henchman attempted to ambush Cyborgs 003 and 009 after Cyborg 007 was kidnapped. After his men failed to defeat 009, Skull Mask opted to face down the cyborg himself. Skull Mask attacked 009 by spitting acid from his mouth, but soon had both his eyes damaged by 009. However, Skull Mask stated that he didn't need eyes and changed his arms into spears before attempted to impale 009. 009 managed to dodge his attacks and knock him off a cliff, defeating, but not killing, the evil cyborg.

009 and 003 then captured Skull Mask and offered to trade him for 007. As they were conducting the prisoner exchange, 003 secretly placed a transmitter on him so they could track down Count King's base, Devil's Castle. Right before leaving, Skull Mask stated he and the 00 Cyborgs would meet again.


  • He is one of the two characters in the 1968 anime loosely adapted from Skull, the main antagonist of the manga.
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