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Ryan Torres, better known as Skull Mask, is a major antagonist in the Fear Street Trilogy, serving as the main antagonist of Fear Street Part 1: 1994 and a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 3: 1666 . He was once a staff member of Shadyside Mall, until he was posessed by Satan and turned into one of the Shadyside Killers.

He was portrayed by David W. Thompson, while Noah Garrett portrayed him in the disguise.


Not much is known about his life before he became one of the killers other than that he recently graduated from High School and was an employee at Shadyside Mall who worked an unknown position. Once Lucifer posessed him, he became a cold blooded murderer who killed anyone in his path (or anyone Satan wanted him to kill).

Fear Street Part 1: 1994

Ryan was first seen pranking Heather, another employee, with an inflatable doll, much to Heather's shock. After a brief conversation with Heather is presumably when he gets posessed, as a fly is seen on him after he looks back at Heather. He presumably murders people around the mall after this. He then toys with Heather by luring her to her doom, which is unsuccessful. He then catches Heather by surprise and slits her stomach open, which drastically weakens her. Finally, he stabs Heather in the back, until he is shot by Sheriff Nick Goode, who was unfortunately too late to save Heather. He is also one of the Killers that goes after Samantha Fraser and her blood. First going to the house where Kate is Babysitting to look for a shirt with Sam's blood on it, then going to Deena and Josh's house to find a shoe with Sam's blood. Skull Mask would later follow Sam at the hospital she was in and claim three victims. He then the crew into the high school, where he is caught in an explosion that was meant to kill him, Ruby Lane, and the Camp Nightwing Killer, which was unsuccessful at killing him. He is finally seen at the Grocery Store, where he has a struggle with Kate, before killing her using a bread slicer. Then, after Sam temporarily dies, he disappears after he is about to kill Josh.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666

Ryan returns in this episode, being one of the killers that was lured to Shadyside Mall to kill Nick Goode. He, along with a few others, try to kill Goode after Deena's blood is poured on him, after this is unsuccessful, he has some of Deena's blood poured on him, which happens with all the other killers present, leading to him and all the others killing each other, after Goode's death, he poofs into dust, and is not seen again from this point onwards.


List of known victims of Skull Mask. This list only applies for the on-screen deaths or victims whose body was discovered on-screen. Skull Mask has aproximately 11 confirmed victims.

  1. Unknown mall victim: Body discovered sitting in a chair by Heather.
  2. Unknown mall victim: Body discovered placed above a table by Heather.
  3. Unknown mall victim. Body discovered placed near a tree by Heather.
  4. Heather Watkins: Stomach slit open and stabbed in the chest with kitchen knife.
  5. Peter: Impaled through the torso with kitchen knife.
  6. Unnamed nurse: Throat slit open with kitchen knife off-screen. Body discovered by Sam and Deena.
  7. Nurse Beddy: Stabbed in the throat with kitchen knife.
  8. Kate Schdmit: Stabbed in the gut with kitchen knife. Head slit up in pieces with automated bread slicer.



Part 1

Part 3


  • Skull Mask is a mix of several classic slasher killers: In aspect, he is heavily inspired on Ghostface. His concept of stalking his victims as well as the setting being in Halloween is a nod to Michael Myers. Finally, his main skill being appearing near to his victims in the most unlikely places is a classic slasher trope popularized by Jason Voorhees.
  • The scene where he is turned on fire by Kate was an actual stunt rather than CGI, as showed in behind-the-scenes footage.