Skull Punch is the name of a ghost band that appears in the Regular Show Halloween special "Terror Tales of the Park" segment "Death Metal Crash Pit."

Harold was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, Nigel was voiced by Sam Marin, and Archie was voiced by Julian Holloway.


After Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost leave the house on a foggy night they find an old RV and start it up. They then decide to drive the RV into the crash pit where they wreck old cars. While driving Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are captured by a ghostly fog which materializes into the band members of Skull Punch. When they realize what Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are planning, Skull Punch decides that if the RV goes they take them with it. Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost fight back until Muscle Man reveals that if the RV doesn't go into the crash pit everyone will think they're lame. Skull Punch decide to prove them wrong by stopping the RV near the Pit and playing terrible music. Everyone starts booing at them and Muscle tries desperately to get out of the RV. He spot a cinder block and puts it on the gas pedal causing Skull Punch and the RV to go down into the crash pit and explode from the impact, killing ghosts and Muscle Man in the process. It is then revealed that it was all just a scary story told by Muscle Man himself.

They appear in "Exit 9B" as one of the many villains revived by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. they are soon sucked back into the portal in the end.


  • Even though they are supposedly just a story told by Muscle Man, they appear as villains in "Exit 9B". This may suggest that the story actually happened and Muscle Man was possibly revived by High Five Ghost, as High Five Ghost and his family have been shown to be able to transform people into ghosts and vice versa.
  • Nigel bears a very slight resemblance to the famous guitar player Slash, but more like Lemmy from Motörhead.
  • Like all famous rock bands in the show, they have a stereotypical Cockney accent.


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