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I'm your worst nightmare! SKULLMAGEDDON!
~ Skullmageddon presenting himself.
Nyaaaaaaaa—YOU! You've taken my pride, you scrapped my Rocket-Dojo, laid waste to my laborotory, broke my televisions, and murdered countless Williamses! All I wanted was a date! This. Ends! NOW!
~ Skullmageddon before transforming into Giga Skullmageddon.
Damn, I'm humerous!
~ One of Skullmageddon's many bone-based puns.

Skullmageddon is the main antagonist in Double Dragon Neon and a cameo NPC in River City Girls.

Skullmageddon is voiced by Sean Velasco in both Double Dragon Neon and River City Girls.


Double Dragon Neon

In this game, Skullmageddon acts as the new leader of the Black Warriors, ordering his men to kidnap Marian (again), so he can have a date with her. Obviously, the Lee brothers immediately set off tho rescue her and beat the hit points out of Skullmageddon's goons, invading his dojo and taking a ride as the entire dojo is skyrocketed into space. They fight Skullmageddon in the dojo, but he escapes with Marian. During the game he swears at his goons and threatens the brothers as they progress.

In the final stage, he brainwashes Marian, who fights alongside him against the brothers, but the heroes prevail, rescuing Marian and defeating Skullmageddon. Skullmageddon escapes through a portal, but Marian uses the power of love to send the two brothers after him. They find themselves in another dimension and wearing robot outfits which give them new powers. Soon Skullmageddon shows up and challenge the brothers for the final match, transforming into Giga Skullmageddon. He is once again defeated, falling into a pit (at the bottom of which Marie awaits to punch him in the crotch) while the credits roll and promising to return.

River City Girls

Nyehehehehe! Welcome to my pawn shop!
~ Skullmageddon in River City Girls.

In River City Girls, Skullmageddon appears as the owner of the pawn shop, a needed destination in order to find and defeat Hibari.

Powers and Abilities

Oh fine, just pause the game!
~ Skullmageddon breaking the fourth wall.

Skullmageddon is among the most powerful antagonists in the Double Dragon franchise, and he might even be the strongest the Lee brothers have faced in the entire series.

He possesses a wide array of supernatural abilities, being able to teleport, shoot flaming skulls or blasts of fire from his sword, breathe fire and transform into an even stronger, bigger and spikier form, "Bone and Metal" Giga Skullmageddon. He is a master with his blade and is strong enough to pin any of the Lee brothers to the ground. Physically speaking he's also incredibly durable, able to survive a fall from space and existing in a dimension where humans cannot be without instantly dying (the Lee brothers had to be turned into robots in order to survive there).


Time for a marrow escape!
~ Skullmageddon makes one of his countless bone puns as he flees from his ship.
IDIOTS! Don't let them near the glowing, red weak point! (silence) Why does it even HAVE a weak point? Couldn't you have put a cover on it?!
~ Skullmageddon providing commentary as the Lee brothers escape his ship.
THAT'S A PLASMA SCREEN! That's expensive!
~ Skullmageddon as the Lee brothers break one of his monitors.
WILL YOU STOP destroying my things?!
~ Skullmageddon to the Lee brothers as they break his ship.
When I'm about to swing my sword, just punch me and I'll stop! I'll save you a trip to the Internet!
~ One of Skullmageddon's taunts.



  • Skullmageddon's voice is based on that of the original Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

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