By the end of the night, we will rule the scene!
~ Sky

Sky is one of five deranged and evil hipster artists featured in the 2007 horror black comedy Murder Party. Sky is played by Skei Saulnier. Sky dresses as a zombie cheerleader, and is the artist who is featured the least in the movie, because she dies early on. Sky appears to be one of the least committed to murdering Chris, and actually tries to convince her colleagues to do something incredibly violent, but non lethal. Despite this fact, Sky does not seem to be overly sympathetic towards Chris. She believes that he may be mentally retarded because of his silly cardboard knight costume. Sky thanks Chris for the pumpkin bread that he brings. Sky was the artist who brought a pilfered bottle of acid to burn her victim, however she did not bother to learn the fact that it was actually just vinegar.

Like her friends, Paul, Bill, Macon, and Lexi, Sky plans to kill a random stranger as part of an art piece, but it is never stated how Sky intends to kill Chris, or avoid killing him. Sky seems to be intent on "ruling the scene", and appears to be an attention seeker. Because of this, she claims to be allergic to the raisins in Chris's pumpkin bread, and collapses onto a jagged piece of metal, inadvertently killing herself. Her friends are initially very angry about her death, but soon after, need to resort to hiding her body for the remainder of the film until it is discovered by Alexander, the primary antagonist of the movie.

Evil Acts

Sky performs a few evil acts in the course of Murder Party including:

  1. Plotting to kill Chris.
  2. Bringing a bottle of acid to burn her hapless victim.
  3. Calling Chris "a retarded person."
  4. Being rude to Chris with the rest of her friends.

Not-So Evil Acts

Despite the fact that Sky was complicit in the setting up of the murder party, she was reluctant to actually take part in such a heinous act as murder. She tried to convince her friends to not murder Chris, and as the dialogue implies, she did not expect Chris to show up in the first place.


  • Sky was portrayed by Skei Saulnier, the wife of Jeremy Saulnier, the director of the film.
  • Skei Saulnier is also the producer of the film.
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