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Sky Clone is an enemy of the Sky Dancers from the Sky Dancers animated series.


Sky Clone is the eldest son of King Skyhawk. As Sky Clone desired to one day become king, but he knew his father would appoint Skyler to the duty. After Skyhawk's death, Sky Clone sentencing him to the Nether World. Sky Clone soon banded along with a countless supply of Horrorcanes Skyla recruited five teenagers to become the Sky Dancers. Together, the Sky Dancers have thwarted each of Sky Clone's attempts.

The Sky Dancers plotted to kill Skyler by switching guns while hunting for Skeggs. However, Slam was given the duty to watch over Sky Clone, and noticed the switch, informing Skyler and saving his life. The Sky Dancers then combined their abilities, creating a phantasm to haunt Sky Clone unless he stopped conspiring against Skyler.

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