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Sky Fist Demon Kata is one of the Three Fist Demons of the Rinjuken Akugata and a major antagonist in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

He was portrayed by Keizo Yabe in his human form, and voiced by Rokurō Naya.



Kata was originally one of the ten students of Brusa E, the original inventor of the Juuken style, until he and Rageku chose to follow Maku in creating the Rinjuken Akugata style and betrayed and killed their former master. Becoming known as the "Three Fist Demons", the three set up their school to teach Rinjuken Akugata and waged war against the GekiJuken martial school set up by Brusa E's remaining seven apprentices in what came to be known as the GekiRin Rebellion. At the end of the conflict, Kata and the other Fist Demons were defeated and had their souls sealed away by the seven Kensei.


After the Rinjuken Akugata style was revived by Rio, a former student of GekiJuken, Kata revealed the location of his tomb to the young leader of the Confrontation Beast Hall and Rio went to revive him. Impressed by Rio's strong beliefs in power being absolute, Kata agreed to train him after being reborn.

As part of his training, Kata put Rio through a series of dangerous and life threatening situations in order to teach him how to generate Rinki from his own inner hatred and desires, which led to Mele worrying for Rio's life. After Rageku was resurrected, Kata gave her his blessing to train Rio after him.

During Rio's confrontation with the Gekirangers, he and Rageku make plans to celebrate their student's victory over the Gekirangers by destroying the city, only for Rio to be defeated. Back at the Confrontation Beast Hall, as Rio furiously goes to revive Maku, Kata attempts to warn Rio against reviving the Land Demon, only for Rio to not listen and revive Maku anyway. Upon his return, Maku ousted Rio as leader of the Rinjuken Akugata and made Kata and Rageku submit to him once more.

Later, as the Rinjuken were burning the Beast Origin Village, Kata confronted the Gekirangers, using his illusions to easily outmatch them. However, Jan manages to get past Kata's illusions and beat him back, causing him to become enraged and to enlarge. The giant Kata fought Herculean Giant GekiFire and Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja Wolf and managed to overpower them, only to soon be destroyed by Beast-Fist Giant God SaiDaiOh's blade, being the first to be defeated by it.

His Confrontation Ki is later transferred to Ran by Rio during the final battle, who utilizes it to merge his style with her own, unifying the two schools.


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