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Daybreak has begun. Our mind feeds. Every attosecond, our mind feeds. We are the maker of worlds, and the ender. We are everywhere.
~ Skye Larsen if the player chooses to activate Project Daybreak.

Skye Larsen is a major antagonist of the 2020 video game Watch Dogs: Legion. She is the founder of Broca Tech, a corporation that created several artificial intelligence such as Bagley and Daybreak, with the goal of turning people into AIs in order to save humanity.

While she only plays a major role regarding her AI projects, and being Nowt's ultimate goal to track and take both her and her projects down. It was because of her creation of Bagley that she is the overarching antagonist in the game due to playing an important part in Sabine Brandt's plot to launched a cyber warfare against London.

She was voiced by Olivia Grant.


Skye Larsen is the daughter of wealthy parents Sinead and Kevin Larson, and had a younger brother Bradley whom they nicknamed him "Bagley", which he hated being called of (Ironically, it was the same nickname of the AI that Skye would neural mapped her brother at a later point). She and her family had a good life until at some point, her mother broke up with her father after discovering he was having an affair, and she and Bradley were raised alone by their mother.

Skye went on to become the founder of Broca Tech at the age of 25, while also joined Blume Corporation and became one of its leaders. When her mother developed a motor neuron disease and her brother was diagnosed with epilepsy, Skye became obsessed with the process of neural mapping, believing it was the next stage in human evolution and could be used to create a society free of death and disease.

At some point in life, Skye built a basement that resembles a cottage house underneath her mansion to serve as a secret lab for her experiments. She used her dog Ada as her first test subject by uploading her mind into a Spiderbot which kills the physical body as a result, and putting her into a glass box in the garage with nothing but a tiny football to play with, leaving the dog in misery.

Sinead was horrified and enraged by her daughter's twisted ideals, while at the same time not wanted to believed that Ada's "alive and well". Skye plead and attempted to convinced her that the treatment is safe, but her mother refuses to let her continue her work which upsets Skye who took her mother's response poorly and assumed that she didn't recognize or appreciate her talent.

Enraged by her mother's cruel and unfair response, Skye eventually had Sinead moved to her mother's bedroom while she became more weaker than before to move on her own, and while on life support, she sedated her mother and dragged her to the laboratory in the cottage's basement to neural map her. Sinead's body died two minutes after the process was complete, and she awoke to find she couldn't see, leaving her even more terrified for the next twenty-nines days as Sinead pleas for her daughter to put her out of her misery, but Skye ignored and tortured her mother by deleting parts of her consciousness to make her into an obedient and submissive voice assistant.

Sometime later, Skye left her home and met with Bradley on top floor of the Walkie Talkie, where she convinced him to come to her home to undergo the neural mapping process as a treatment for his epilepsy. This worked for over a year until Bradley suffered two violent outbursts in both Wellington Arch and the British Library, pleading for someone to “get out of [his] head” before losing consciousness.

After he was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with early onset dementia, Skye refused to allow her brother to "waste away" in the hospital, and paid a room at St. Pancras Hotel so he could be treated there. While his dementia worsened, Skye was able to create Bagley, which she later sold it to Blume. Satisfied, she left her brother under the care of a nurse named Elizabeth and began Project Daybreak, paying Albion in exchange for protection to safely begin the project. Skye eventually discovered that she was dying, and went back to the London Blume Complex to attempt to cheat death and continue Daybreak by uploading herself into a computer program.

Since then for two years, Skye has not made public appearances in person due to both her work and condition, and relays on appearing via hologram which make them not kill-able. While at the same time, Bagley was freed and later reprogrammed from Blume's control by Sabine Brandt. It was because of her ideals that the hacktivist group 404 (more particularly Nowt) considered her a big threat, as they intended to destroy all computer systems, which includes Skye Larsen's AI projects.

After DedSec teamed up with 404, and later after a DedSec operative was involved in Skye Larson's house with Nowt, they received a video message from Skye herself, warning them to stay away from her as she was giving her life to her Daybreak project and refuses to have anyone take it away from her, threatening them that she will track them down, and make their life very difficult. They ignored her warnings however, and broke into Blume Complex where a DedSec operative shut down the two main generators powering Daybreak, and then headed to Skye’s power source to shut her down.

After reaching the chamber, Nowt and Skye can be seen, in video feed and holographic forms respectively, arguing. Ultimately, Skye's fate is up to the player's decision: If the player kills Skye, Nowt will react positively with a news broadcast stated that in respect of Skye's death, Broca Tech shuts down all AI projects including Daybreak, but if the player saves Skye, Nowt is infuriated, telling the operative that DedSec can "f*** right off", though she later apologizes, with a news broadcast being informed that Daybreak is a success, with several people having their minds uploaded behind closed doors, as well as a final audio log from Skye Larson stating that Daybreak has begun and that "We are everywhere". Regardless of the outcome, Nowt will agree to let DedSec access the 404 hubs and contracts.


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