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Where did you learn to fly?
~ Skylar's infamous quote

Skylar is a floating female A.I head who appears in the video game Cybermorph as an annoying character who asks the player, "Where did you learn to fly?" every time they crash into something when flying, which is very common.

In an Angry Video Game Nerd episode where the Nerd reviews such a game, Skylar acts as a minor antagonist where she actually soars out of the TV and attempts to kill the Nerd. However, he guns her down before any damage could be done. She is also an antagonist in an indie based on the Nerd, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.



As said before, Skylar appears as one of the many enemies the Nerd faces in his iconic basement. She flies out of the TV and chases the Nerd around before he pulls out a Super Scope and guns her out of the sky.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

Skylar appears as the stage boss in Future Fuckballs 2010. After the Nerd destroys her shields (which are mini hers), she rages and begins spazzing out, viciously firing armies of plasma beam in every direction before she is beaten.


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