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Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.
~ Skyler White to Walter White

Skyler White (née Lambert) is the tritagonist of the crime-drama television series, Breaking Bad. She is the wife of Walter White, the mother of Walter White Jr. and Holly White. When Walter begins to cook crystal meth with Jesse Pinkman, Skyler begins to become suspicious of her husband's unusual behavior.

She eventually pieces together that he is a drug manufacturer and reluctantly begins to launder his money to preserve the family. As time goes on, Skyler notices Walt's morality diminishing and she begins to fear her husband while still being partially involved in his crimes.


Although not as smart as her genius husband, Skyler is highly intelligent. She manages to figure out her husband's double life with the little information she had in a matter of months. Her intelligence also allows her to be cunning, shown when she faked going into labor to get out of being wrongfully detained due to unknowingly trying to return a shoplifted item.

According to series creator Vince Gilligan, "Skyler is a pragmatist who will do pretty much anything to keep her family together." This quote can pertain to how she kept Walt's secret safe in order to keep the family together, as she didn't want her son finding out his father was a criminal.


Skyler Lambert was born August 11, 1970. She studied accounting and met Walter White while she was working in a restaurant as a hostess near the Los Alamos National Laboratory (where Walter worked at the time). They married and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, buying the house in which they live in over the course of the series. They had a son named Walter Jr. who was afflicted with cerebral palsy and had an unintended baby on the way. The only member of her immediate family that is known is her younger sister, Marie Schrader who had a husband named Hank.

Skyler is a caring, but dominant, housewife and mother with another on the way at the start of the series. Instead of holding a job, she writes stories, sells items on eBay, and does other miscellaneous sources of revenue. She later becomes suspicious of Walter and pieces together the fact that he is a drug cook. She tries to distance herself and even slept with her boss but he refused to leave his family. She later agrees to launder Walt's money to keep the family together. She pushes to buy the car wash Walter used to work at in order to successfully launder the money. When Gustavo Fring is killed along with Tyrus Kitt and Hector Salamanca, Skyler figures out that Walter had something to do with the deaths of three people and she realizes what he's capable of. Skyler becomes fearful of her husband and tries to keep her kids safe from him as much as she can. Things hit a boiling point after Hank Schrader is killed following when Skyler ordered for Jesse Pinkman to be killed to protect her family from the consequences of Walter's actions. Walter flees Albuquerque only to come back months later to atone for his actions and to avenge Hank. Skyler is able to be exonerated because she can trade the coordinates of Hank's body for a chance to be free from charges. Walt dies and the family continues to live out of their old family home. Skyler works as a taxi dispatcher to support Walter Jr (or Flynn) and Holly. The family lives on past the man of their house and look back at his memory with pain and hatred and Skyler becomes a watered down version of herself addicted to nicotine.

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