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Villain Overview


Skywarp is one of the Decepticon seekers and a member of the Decepticons. Skywarp has the ability to teleport and transforms into a purple/black F-15 Eagle jet just like Starscream and Thundercracker. He was the first Decepticon to be awakened in 1984 after he layed dormant and deactivated over four million years. Despite his obvious lack of intelligence, Skywarp is Megatron's favourite among the seekers. Yet, he is rebellious towards his fellow seeker and superior Starscream. He is very loyal to Megatron (whom he views as a father figure). Skywarp was the master of sneak attacks, using his teleportation abilities to cause mayhem amongst the Autobots and his fellow Decepticons when playing malicious pranks. However, his arrogance and relative lack of intelligence mean he needs to be constantly monitored by his superiors, Megatron and Starscream, or else he would be useless. If it were not for his lack of intelligence as well as his dependence on his superiors, Skywarp would have replaced Starscream as Air Commander since Megatron clearly favors him over his second in command.


Toy Biography

Skywarp is the sneakiest of the Decepticons. Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Decepticons & appearing out of nowhere to attack Autobots. Not too smart. Would be useless without Megatron's supervision. Top speed of 1500 mph. Can instantly teleport up to 2.5 miles. Carries heat-seeking missiles & variable calibre machine guns

G1 Transformers

On Cybertron, Skywarp was among Megatron's elite warriors. At some point, he and Thundercraker faced the Guardian Robots, and was still frightened of them millions of years later. In the opening three parter, More than Meets the Eye, Skywarp and his fellow Seekers were stationed a mega-mile out from the bridge to Iacon when Autobots Wheeljack and Bumblebee returned from stealing energy conductors. Once Wheeljack broke through their defenses, Skywarp and Thundercracker transformed to their jet modes and followed the Autobots. They managed to get a good shot in against Bumblebee, but soon both Autobots escaped to the underground. Skywarp was part of the attack on the Autobot spacecraft and joined the rest of the Earth-bound Transformers in their 4 million years in stasis under an inactive volcano. He was the first to be awakened, and proceeded to revive Megatron, and the rest of the Decepticons.


Transformers: The Movie

Skywarp made his final appearance in Transformers: The Movie, once again as one of its minor villains. He was present during the Decepticon assault on Autobot City & was among the few casualties, leaving him injured. He retreated back to Astrotrain with the rest of his allies but his retreat was cut short when Astrotrain began to complain about the heavy load on their way back to Cybertron. After Starscream argued with the rest of the Decepticons to whom shall succeed Megatron, with Bonecrusher suggesting a survival of the fittest, the rest of the Decepticons agreed on this. After a short brawl, Skywarp was among the weak Decepticons thrown overboard, alongside Megatron, Thundercracker and the Insecticons. His misery was put to an end when Megatron made a deal with Unicron. After Megatron became Galvatron, Skywarp was then reformatted into a generic minion or Cyclonus.

Unicron Trilogy

  • Armada Skywarp
  • Cybertron Skywarp
Two versions of Skywarp appears in the Unicron Trilogy. The first, the Armada version of Skywarp, was an excellent marksman, who is Starscream's cousin, and wishes to escape the shadow of his famous relative. Skywarp was said to have served with, and become a close friend of Scavenger. When Scavenger rejoined the Autobots, Skywarp regretted they would have to fight on opposite sides.

Skywarp made a few cameos in Dreamwave's Armada comics, guarding Megatron's Solar Scalpel in Death Valley alongside Sideways and Wheeljack, which launched without interference, despite being spied on by Scavenger and Smokescreen. Skywarp was also seen to have survived Unicron's attack on Cybertron. Skywarp would have made an appearance in the (unpublished) Energon comics, as a Decepticon who had been provoked into rebelling against the Autobots by Megatron's return. Skywarp was among those hassling the Autobot Dropshot when Starscream's ghost appeared.

The Cybertron version of Skywarp, set in the animated universe, was very similarly characterised to the original, as a somewhat stupid and petty prankster with warping powers, and appears in several pieces of Cybertron fiction. In Cyber Key Code content on the website, Starscream sent Skywarp on a fools errand. Tasked with faking a "proper" alien invasion, Skywarp gleefully caused classic UFO accidents such as crop circles, theft of livestock and appearances of flying saucers. After spending a month working his teleportation magic around Roswell, he had successfully tricked ten thousand humans into believing in his "Martian invasion" scenario. Skywarp also made cameos in novels, including becoming first mate on the pirate vessel Kalis' Lament after the war.

Transformers Film Series

The Skywarp of the Film Series was a scientist obsessed with knowledge, who made experimental weapons for the Decepticons. In the IDW Comics, Skywarp was seen as part of Cybertron's Defense Force millions of years ago, fighting off an alien attack. When Megatron reformed the Defense Force into the Decepticons, Skywarp remained as part of it.

In the Titan comics, Skywarp aided in repairing Devastator at a remote site in the mountains of British Columbia, hidden from sight by an artificial cloud bank. After the Autobots interfered, Skywarp took down Hotshot, but was knocked aside by Stratosphere. Facing backup from NEST, Skywarp touted his air superiority. Stratsphere turned the cloud generating device on Skywarp, causing him to crash, and be taken prisoner. However, he escaped their jail along with Bludgeon, and joined his breakaway faction. He would later try and recruit Blazemaster to the Decepticons, and was either killed or recaptured by NEST after Bludgeon's defeat.

Transformers Animated


See: Starscream Clones

Skywarp was among an army of clones of Starscream, in the second season two-parter A Bridge Too Close, with each clone representing an exaggerated part of himself. In Skywarp's case, he represented Starscream's cowardice, as seen when he panicked about facing Megatron and his army. During the battle, Skywarp took a shot at Megatron, and stopped when Megatron deflected his blasts with his swords. Skywarp cowered from when Bumblebee started shooting at him. Blurr got a pair of stasis cuffs on him, to which Skywarp claimed that he had an irrational fear of stasis lock. However, Skywarp and Blurr got stuck with Thundercracker in Mixmaster's glue, and fell into the space bridge, to an unknown destination.

In Transwarped, left floating in space, Skywarp hated being trapped in the glue, and was forced to endure Blurr's plan of escaping the goo with Thundercracker's sonic booms. While not being hurt by the resulting explosion, and Skywarp did not follow Thundercracker in pursuing Blurr.

Skywarp is implied to be reformatted into Cyclonus at some point in the future, as the time traveller had some of Starscream's "self preservation codes" buried within him.

Aligned Universe


War for Cybertron


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