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I'm through being humiliated by that XJ-9. From this moment I won't stop until I bring that robot down!
~ The Skyway Patrol Lieutenant

The Skyway Patrol Lieutenant is a Skyway Patrol officer known as General Hardscape and a minor antagonist in Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. The lieutenant grew jealous of Jenny getting all the glory for saving the day, serving as the main antagonist in the episode "A Spoonful of Mayhem"

He was voiced by Nick Jameson, who also did Gigawatt and Mudslinger in the same series.


The lieutenant was an officer in the Skyway Patrol willing to protect the innocent from any danger that could appear in Tremorton. However, as Jenny showed up more often to save the citizens of Tremorton, the lieutenant grew more tired and jealous of her and made a plan to incriminate the teenage robot so he could have her out of the way.

Little is known for the lieutenant's adventures, he is at the training center of the Skyway Patrol academy while Brad Carbunkle applies to become a recruit and then stuck on the sticky pavement where the Cluster invades the Earth.

After many attempts on making Jenny look like the bad guy (which backfired on him), the lieutenant gets the cruel idea of arresting Jenny's creator and mother, Dr. Nora Wakeman for her "illicit" activities on Tremorton. As Jenny returns home, she finds the lieutenant and the Skyway Patrol arresting her mother. The lieutenant taunts and threatens Jenny that he has got an official order from the general to have her shut down permanently.

Meanwhile, an army of food robots that were fought by Jenny earlier come back again now stronger and bigger and start a rampage on the city. Jenny decides to ignore the warnings from the Skyway Patrol and instead and proceeds to beat the food robots. As the lieutenant's teammates are calling for help by radio, he uses it to demonstrate to the general that Jenny is once again "interfering" with the Skyway Patrol's business and has him to sign the order to shut down Jenny. However, the food robots break in to destroy them, but Jenny arrives in time to save the lieutenant and the general. Afterwards, Jenny defeats the rest of the food robots by turning them into a giant skewer.

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The next day, Jenny is congratulated by the general and the rest of the people in Tremorton. The general orders the liberation of Dr. Wakeman and fires the lieutenant not without making him return his uniform, leaving him almost nude in front of everyone.


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