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Slan is a member of the God Hand and a major antagonist in Berserk. She takes on the form of a succubus with black leathery wings and vine-like hair. She is a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on those who observe it. She appears to have a fascination with Guts when she manifests in the Qlippoth to confront him, having as well shown an interest in his incredible strength and survivability when the Count summoned the God Hand. Her name is borrowed from A. E. van Vogt's Slan.


Slan takes on the form of a succubus with black leathery wings and vine-like hair. Her wings are always with her, making them one of her more distinguishable features.

The only piece of clothing she wears is a corset that (ironically) covers only from her navel to below her breasts. This leaves her sizable breasts exposed as well as her vulva, although she partially covers them up with her wings.


Slan is a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on others. Slan appears to have a fascination with Guts, as seen when she manifested in the Qliphoth to confront him, having as well shown an interest in his incredible strength and survivability when The Count summoned the God Hand. She seems to be infatuated with Guts as she calls him "Darling" and enjoyed seeing every negative feeling Guts was feeling, and tries to tempt him into using the behelit in his possession.


Golden Age Arc

During the Eclipse, Slan along with the rest of the God Hand welcomes Griffith as one of them and witnesses as he becomes Femto. Slan also watches as Casca is raped and Guts is forced to watch, due to the high levels of pain and misery in the moment she weeps due to the "beauty" of it.

The Black Swordsman Arc

She appears when the God Hand is summoned by the Count in order to prevent his own impending death.

Tower of Conviction Arc

During the Incarnation Ceremony, Slan, along with the other members of the God Hand, briefly manifested using the dead body of The Bubblehead (one of Bishop Mozgus' disciples) and several of the evil spirits that had gathered in order to witness Femto's rebirth.

Powers and Abilities

She has the ability to manifest in the physical world. She was last seen using this ability when confronting Guts in Qliphoth, where she manifested as troll intestines. She could also create monsters out of thin air. Like the other God Hand she can see the future and manipulate causality.

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