It seems more and more that it's become far too easy for us to sacrifice the good in order to confront the bad. The others may not see this as Mikey and I do, but they've never suffered Hun's venom the way we have. You've invited a serpent into the garden, Old Hob... ...and that is something I simply cannot abide by.
~ Slash to Old Hob in the IDW Comics.
And Slash fights with brain power.
~ Slash in "Donatello trashes Slash.

Slash is a mutated snapping turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise - he appeared in the 1987 and 2012 cartoons and the Archie and IDW comics and was antagonistic towards the Turtles in all four incarnations.


Like many turtle villains he was altered from cartoon to comic, in both cartoons he is a mutated animal while in the Archie comics he is actually an alien who just happens to resemble an anthropomorphic turtle.He later turns into a good guy and later joins the Mighty mutanimals as a honorary member before sacrficing himself.

After Spike's accidental mutation, he and Raph eagerly upgraded their bond to a partnership, swearing to live only for each other. But Slash's new mutation was unstable, and the insane new mutant tried to kill Raph's brothers to have Raph all to himself. Raph turned on Slash for this treachery, and they once loving pair became painful new enemies. Slash was then captured by the Kraang Hive Mind, and escaped with the help of a fellow captive, the Newtralizer.

In the IDW comic book, the character started out as an uncontrollable antagonist due to his transformation being incomplete because of a missing ingredient and was presumed dead after Leonardo struck what seemed like a lethal blow against him during their first encounter. However, he was found alive by Old Hob and teamed up with him, even forming a friendship with Michelangelo. Later, his transformation was completed and he became much more intelligent, although equally friendly.

After a fallout with the Mutanimals, however, he went off to live alone which led to him being captured by Bishop and brainwashed, turning him into a living weapon.He was later used as a bomb by Bishop after he escapes and later he sacrifies himself. 

Slash also appears in the 1987 series as a recurring villain and in it he started off as Rocksteady's pet until his Mutation.


My whole life, I've felt like someone else's property. First I was Stockman's lab experiment, then later, despite his best intentions, Hob's plaything. After all the amazing changes I've gone through, that feeling of inadequacy has never left me and I think it's past time I venture out on my own and finally learn what it is to be my own master. But before I go, I want you to know, Mikey, you have always been—and will always be—my hero. Farewell, my friend.
~ Slash to Mikey before his death in the IDW comics.



  • In the 1987 TV series, he was voiced by Pat Fraley.
  • In the crossover film for the 2003 series Turtles Forever, Hun's mutated form resembles Slash which can be considered as a nod towards the character.

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