Slash is one of Magus's three Henchmen in the video game Chrono Trigger alongside Ozzie and Flea. He is a sword wielding ice elemental Demi-Human that encounters Crono and his friends when they are first sent to the 600 AD.

Mystic War

Slash is a skilled swordsman with a power of ice, though he appears far more reliant on his fighting skills than sorcery. He is one of the three generals Magus has sent against the humans and as such commands high respect among the Demi-Humans in the Medieval era. He blocks-off Crono and Frog when they invade Magus's Castle, but is defeated. After the heroes make their way past all three generals, they meet Magus himself, who was preforming a powerful ritual to manipulate time. The interference with the rite causes Magus to be thrown through time along with the heroes into yet another era, leaving Slash, Flea, and Ozzie behind injured, but still alive.

Ozzie's Castle

Slash's Fight

Much much later in the game, the heroes are given a chance to return to the Medieval era and fully explore it, possibly with Magus as an ally. When revisiting, the heroes find that Magus' absence created a power vacuum in the Demi-Human community that Ozzie quiclky decides to fill. Once inside Ozzie's Castle, it is apparent that Ozzie has bought off Slash and Flea's loyalty as well and the three are commanding the armies of Demi-Humans.


Slash, like his teammates, has no loyalty to Magus and had switched sides to support Ozzie for the same reason he had joined Magus in the first place, for power. Slash and Flea fight with Ozzie to defeat the heroes once more. However, when Flea and Slash fall, Ozzie, ever the self-serving, leaves them to their fate and flees trying to save his own skin. Slash reprises his role in the sequel game Chrono Cross, once again fighting alongside his two team-mates in the game's mysterious Bend of Time, a small island that exists on the edge of time.

Though Slash was quick to change sides, he conducts himself with a certain level of honor and responsibility to his team-mates unlike Ozzie, who is very fond of dirty tricks. His honorable demeanor also makes him quite arrogant, however, and he gives a few quips when encountered about the weakness of his opponents.

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