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"blood is red.. and warm"

Slasher is a minor villain from Marvel comics and an antagonist to the Vision, appearing only once he was an example of a more "realistic" villain - a serial-killer who preyed upon the homeless.


Slasher was a serial-killer who seemed to target homeless people (most likely older women), his first on-panel victim was an old woman known as "Rosie" who had only moments earlier sold roses to the famous Marvel pair Scarlet Witch and Vision.

No witnesses were found and the Slasher seemed to get away with his crime before Ben Urich decided to run a story on the murder and teamed up with Vision to try and get information on "Rosie" and her past.

While investigating Vision and Urich came across a second homeless woman named Gerty, unfortunately she could not aid in finding more about "Rosie" and Urich left, giving her money to take care of herself.

Yet as they left Slasher arrived, preparing to kill Gerty - luckily her screams alerted Vision and Urich to the scene.. Urich stayed with Gerty while Vision pursued the serial killer into the subway.

Slasher, no match for Vision, panicked and ran straight into a subway train - ending his threat once and for all.


Slasher had no superhuman powers, he was a murderous individual armed with an ice-pick.