Slater Gator is the team of Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil after they both abandoned their previous teams (Heath abandoning 3MB as Titus abandoned the Prime Time Players). they also have their own mascot (who is Hornswoggle dressed up as an Alligator).

Slater Gator made their team debut in the July 11, 2014 edition of SmackDown facing the Usos and lost. during their unions, Titus & Heath would continuously get into comedic arguments. but however despite those arguments, they do have some respect for each other. like when Heath Slater beat Seth Rollins in the August 4, 2014 edition of RAW, Titus O'Neil was proud of him as revealed on a WWE YouTube exclusive video. Heath would go on to have a winning streak beating Goldust, Stardust & Dolph Ziggler. The winning streak ended on the August 19, 2014 edition of Main Event where Slater Gator lost against Los Matadores. in September 1, 2014 during a match with Titus O'Neil and Adam Rose on RAW, Heath would confront and mock Adam Rose' Bunny. after Heath shoved the Bunny down, The Bunny retaliated by beating the crap out of Slater and would screw over Slater Gator many times since that time.

in September 29, 2014 edition of RAW, Slater Gator would introduce a mascot known as "Mini-Gator" whom was Hornswoggle in disguise. But however, they would still not manage to succeed in attacking the bunny. Slater Gator would be in John Laurinaitis' team in the Team Teddy vs Team Johnny rematch at the 15th Anniversary of SmackDown but lost the match. in Survivor Series 2014, Slater Gator got another chance to fight Adam Rose & The Bunny (whom started to get dysfunctional with each other during that time) but once again lost by the hands of The Bunny,

in December 2014 & January 2015, Slater Gator would be on hiatus due to Slater dealing with Arrest Warrants (which were proved false) but however, Titus O'Neil would still wrestle on those two months. in the February 12, 2015 edition of SmackDown, Slater Gator made their return and battled against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns whom were both competing in a Gauntlet Match. but however, they were both dominated by Roman Reigns (Daniel Bryan didn't get involved in the match against Slater-Gator at all). Four days later on RAW, Titus O'Neil would help Darren Young whom was getting confronted by The Ascension and would fight off the Ascension, thus disbanding Slater-Gator and reuniting the Prime-Time Players. After this occurred, Heath made a tweet saying "I'm going to start focusing on ME!!! I'm better on my own... It's about time I get what I deserve,"

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