Slayde is a minor villain in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remaike Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He is voiced in Japanese by Yoshimasa Kawata while his English voice actor is Christopher Corey Smith.


Slayde was a minor soldier in the Zofian army. One day, he was summoned by Desaix, the chancellor of the Kingdom of Zofia, who ordered him to kill the royal children of Zofia's king, Lima IV, in order to ensure his eventual takeover of the country. Slayde agreed to this and burned down the royal villa. While everyone believed that there were no survivors, there were two survivors: Princess Anthiese and Prince Conrad. Afterwards, Slayde became the captain of Desaix's guards.

Sometime later, while he and some of his men were on patrol in southern Zofia, they came upon Ram Village, where he encountered several children playing in the forest. After threatening the children to bring him and his men food and lodging, Slayde realized that one of the girls, Celica, was actually Anthiese. Before he was able to abduct her, Mycen appeared and defeated him. Unfortunately, this incident forced Mycen to take Anthiese to Novis Priory for her safety.

War of Deliverance

Years later, following the murder King Lima IV and the complete takeover of Zofia by Desaix, not only was Zofia being invaded by the northern nation of Rigel, but there was also insurrection within the army, which had been split into two group. One group was led by Desaix while the other group, the Deliverance was made up of former knights of Zofia who wanted to free Zofia from Desaix.

Slayde continues to serve as Desaix's captain and fights the Deliverance. At Zofia Castle, Slayde is among the many soldiers stationed there to defend the castle. During the battle, Slayde helps to set up a body double of Desaix while the real Desaix can escapes when the battle swings in the Deliverance's favor.

After being defeated at Zofia Castle and being forced to retreat, Slayde encounters members of the Duma Faithful. The Duma Faithful take Slayde to Rigel, where he provides valuable information of Zofia to Rigel. As a reward, he is assigned as the captain of the Final Bastion of Rigel Castle.

After a long grueling war, the Deliverance arrives at the Final Bastion, where they encounter Slayde. Before the battle, Slayde personally greets the Deliverance and explains his rise to power in Rigel. Clive calls him out for being nothing more than an opportunistic coward who would sell out his homeland for power. Enraged, Slayde orders his forces to attack the Deliverance. However, his forces are overpowered and Slayde is killed during the battle.


Slayde is a corrupt and greedy knight who cares only for himself and power. He is even willing to kill children. He is also shown to be arrogant, believing that his rank makes him better than anyone else. He is also willing to betray anyone in order to get more power. Despite, it is revealed that, when order to kill the royal Zofian children, he was initially hesitant to go through with it.


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