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Let there be light! - was that not the ultimate act of creation - the one which man has ever endeavored to emulate?
~ Slaymaker

Slaymaker is a supervillain in the Marvel comics. He acts as an antagonist towards the Secret Defenders. He is classed as a magically enhanced human and had the ultimate goal of rewriting reality in his own image.


Slaymaker was an aspiring artist but lacked the skills to give his wild creations "life", thus he turned to dark magic and learned the terrible art of warping living tissue to his command.

At some point he decided to set his vision on a global scale and began work on his "Panentropic Engine" - which would allow him to warp reality and effectively become a god, to do this task he gathered bodies from around San Francisco and began to fuse them into a pyramid shape.

However, the was opposed by the superhero group known as the Secret Defenders.

Powers and Abilities

The Slaymaker possessed the ability to command living tissue, reshaping it to whatever he imagines. He could command the creatures he created, granting them names such as "Titus" and "Andronicus." His grand ambition was to fashion a pyramid of bodies into his Panentropic Engine, which would allow him to reshape reality into "a new aesthetic" wherein "all shall be as one within the enchanted glade", allowing him to practice his art "on a Brobdingnagian scale."