The Sleeping Ghost (also known as the "Slumber Ghost") is a blue ghost that spends an eternity trying to find a place to rest, and a character in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


20 years after an undisclosed incident in Studio 9, a trap door is reopened by two workers. This trap door is located at a set once used to film the "Deadly Dr. Crowley" movie classics. The noise from the filming of the action film, "Space Avengers of the Galaxy" awoke the ghost and it possessed the star set piece, the Megazoid. It then caused the Megazoid to change its facial appearance into a monstrosity. The ghost then chasing after the Ghostbusters and destroyed anything that produced noise.

Egon became convinced the only way to stop it was to use Sign Language to communicate. Egon would persuade the ghost to come with them and they would provide a place for it to sleep in peace, the Containment Unit. Everything was going smoothly until the loud mouth director of Space Avengers come bursting in to protect the $2 million Megazoid. This caused the ghost to return to an agitated state and it almost returned to the Megazoid. The Ghostbusters were able to capture and trap it.