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Sleepwalker Patients are a series of enemies appearing in Madness: Project Nexus.


Sleepwalker Patients

Sleepwalker Patients are Nexus units with the ability to revive themselves. Their entire body is covered in bandages and they wear a distinct mask with wires and a red eyepiece. When a sleepwalker patient is killed, his mask will revive him. After being killed a third time, the mask will malfunction and explode, blowing up the sleepwalker patient. This can be avoided by decapitating a sleepwalker patient instead. This is also the case if a sleepwalker is killed by a Zombie or an Abomination.

Sleepwalker patients can wield and use weapons. They can also steal weapons and ammunition from the player.

Sleepwalker Experiments

Sleepwalker Experiments are the larger and more heavily armored counterparts to Sleepwalker Patients. They possess more resistance to damage due to their size and armor and, unlike sleepwalker patients, they do not wield weapons. Also unlike Sleepwalker Patients, Sleepwalker Experiments can revive themselves an indefinite number of times, requiring them to be decapitated in order to be killed.

Experiments attack by punching and knocking over their foes. The can also disarm them and inflicting damage directly to their health.


  • A glitch exists in which if a Sleepwalker Patient explodes while adjacent to a second Sleepwalker Patient that has died its third death but has not yet lost its head, the second Sleepwalker will be revived. This can happen an indefinite number of times so long as there is more than one Sleepwalker.
    • Another less commonly seen glitch is that when a Sleepwalker Patient is killed by a nexus bolt and then shot by any sort of gun, the Sleepwalker Patient will not die and its amount of deaths will reset, requiring it to be killed three times again.

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