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Slenderman is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Slendrina) of DVloper's mobile survival-horror videogame The Child of Slendrina, also making an appearance at the end of House of Slendrina, where he, after the player finds a family picture of him, his daughter and his wife, stares at him alongside Slendrina and her mother, after the player turns around and before the screen changes to black showing "The End".


He wears a black suit and a tie (the tie changes colors for different Slenderman games). His skin is very pale and white and has no face. He also has long limbs, which makes him very tall, and tentacles on his back, which he uses for attacking along with his gaze and soul sucking. Slenderman's appearance is basically near identical to his appearance in the original Slender series.


He is the primary enemy, with Slendrina, and the fear master, just like the original Slendermen, of The Child of Slendrina. Although he isn't the main nor central antagonist in the series, he can be strongly considered its most powerful antagonist, as he is a dark supernatural entity and the father of Slendrina.  He only appeared in the 4th and 6th game, but he may also have helped Slendrina escape the holy books when the player imprisoned her. In TCOS, Slenderman acts as the version of Slendrina in the ground floor of the house. While her daughter is only active in the cellar with her child, Slenderman is Slendrina's counterpart for the rest of the house.

Family Members

  • Slendrina (daughter)
  • Slendrina's Mother (Wife)
  • Slendrina's Husband (Son-in-law)
  • Slendrina's Child (Grandson)
  • Granny (Mother-in-law)



  • Unlike the original Slenderman, this version is lacking tentacles on his back.
  • His current involvement in the story is unknown, but it appears as though he is the father of Slendrina and possibly Granny's son-in-law.
  • It's possible that his real name is Simon due to the notes pointing that Simon is Slenderman, however, this has yet to be fully confirmed.


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Slenderman (Sldrina)
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