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Slendrina's Child is the evil, restless and vengeful ghost daughter of Slendrina, who died as an infant and became a vengeful spirit due to the curse of her family. She debuted as a key character in Slendrina: The Asylum. She is heard crying and moaning all over the game. Then, she made her first hostile appearance, with her appearance being changed very much, in The Child of Slendrina, where she was the eponymous secondary antagonist. She returns for the final time as one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Slendrina's Mom) in Slendrina: The Cellar 2, and is very probably that she will return in a future update of Granny.


In Asylum, the baby is in a blanket, so only her face can be seen. He has a long gaping mouth, just like her mother, has blood all over her face and all around her, and her eyes are carved out. She is seen in a white blanket on a table, she is bald and has a very small nose.

In The Child of Slendrina & Slendrina: The Cellar 2, Slendrina's baby has completely white eyes, an angry stare, big bald head, twisted arms and legs, a spider-like walking, wears brown underwear and no clothes, and always keeps her mouth opened, revealing a set of very sharp fangs.


In Slendrina: The Asylum, the baby will stay in her blanket in a room of the asylum and cry/moan all over the game. The game says that Slendrina is more evil than usual, as she is protecting her child due to the game description. However, it is still unknown why the child needs protection, she is a ghost and can't be harmed.

In The Child of Slendrina, she will be only active in the cellar. Unlike Slendrina, and like Angelene, she doesn't always know where the player is, so she will search them up in the cellar, and if she spots them, she will begin to cry and chase to the player, with an emergency siren-like sound playing when the baby is chasing the player. 

If the child gets close enough to the player, she will bite them, every bite draining the player's health.

In Slendrina: The Cellar 2, the baby has the exact same behavior and abilities.