Slendrina's Husband (possible real name Nosferatu) is the undead, evil vampire husband of Slendrina who owns the castle from Slendrina X and tries to kill the player on encounter by slashing them with his sharp claws. He serves as the key character in Slendrina: The Forest and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Slendrina) of Slendrina X.


Slendrina's husband has long, tipped elf-like years, two sharp teeth, completely white skin, sharp claws, large eyebrows, gray eyes, a completely dark jacket with buttons and dark trousers.


He first debuts in the 9th game of the Slendrina series, Slendrina: The Forest, as the key character overall. The player has to find a dark secret in the haunted forest about Slendrina's family (which led to the events of the game), which centers around Nosferatu. He appears four times in the game:

1) When entering a wooden house, he is shown standing and staring at the player from a room with its door open. After the player walks a few meters, the door closes and he disappears, a second before the door opens again.

2) After introducing the code to get a key, Nosferatu's eye is seen watching the player through a hole, before it disappears and the vampire's evil, demonic toned laughing is heard.

3) After the player finds all 7 keys to unlock his coffin, he will instantly teleport his possessed body into his coffin.

4) When the player leaves the forest, the ending sequence plays. The camera zooms at Nosferatu's face, before he opens his eyes and the screen changes to black showing "The End".

In Slendrina X, he makes his first hostile appearance, and wanders the castle searching for the player in order to kill him. He is accompanied by his two undead pet tarantulas. When spotting the player, he will rush towards them and slash them. He can be killed by the sword, taking usually 3 hits to defeat, but will respawn. In the minigame where you imprison Slendrina's spirit, he will not appear, but will continue his hunt for the player afterwards, and chase them until they reach the entrance area, where Slendrina summons a strange substance attempting to crush the player beneath it.

In the end, he possibly teleported, as he is shown doing this in Slendrina: The Forest, or died due to the castle's possible casle.


Slendrina (deceased wife/spirit)

Slendrina's Child (deceased infant son/spirit)

Slendrina's Mom (deceased mother-in-law/spirit)

Granny (deceased grandmother-in-law/spirit)

Slenderman (deceased father-in-law/supernatural entity)