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Slendrina's Mom is the secondary antagonist of the Slendrina horror series.

She is the secondary antagonist of Slendrina 2D, House of Slendrina, Slendrina: The Asylum and Slendrina: The Forest, one of the two secondary antagonists in Slendrina: The Cellar 2 and the final antagonist in Slendrina X. She is also a minor character in Granny.

She is a vengeful, malevolent, powerful, restless and hostile female spirit who, alongside Slendrina, attempts to kill the player for entering her territory because of the curse of her family. She most probably died at at an old age, due to her appearance and also a picture in the forth game of her, Slendrina and Slenderman from when they were alive. 


Slendrina's Mom first appears in Slendrina 2D, and uses her claws to kill the player. However, she can be defeated by the sword, but she will respawn. She returns in the forth game alongside Slendrina, and will jumpscare the player, but apparently not kill them. In Slendrina: The Asylum, she haunts an asylum where she has been possibly internated and where Slendrina possibly used to visit her. She doesn't appear again until the eighth and nineth game, Slendrina: The Cellar 2 and Slendrina: The Forest. In the last game, Slendrina X, she first appears when the player unlocks a secret room where a jail is found. Slendrina's mom is shown locked up in the cage and she will stand there doing absolutely nothing, motionless like a dead body. However, after the player leaves the room, she will instantly break free, but will not appear again until the minigame where you imprison Slendrina's spirit in a book. After Slendrina has been exorcised, she will turn into a giant head and chase the player until he reaches the entrance area of the castle. If the player collides with her, he will instantly die, possibly due to being swallowed or crushed by a great to force.

She later reappears in Granny, and was introduced in Version 1.5. In order to summon her, you need to reveal the secret room in Bedroom 3 covered by a bookshelf, then put the book on the pedestal. She will appear from behind a wall made of a strange substance (possibly the same substance used to collapse Slendrina's castle), and stand there as a motionless dead body exactly like she did in Slendrina X. However, unlike Slendrina X, she will not become hostile towards the player and will remain in the room.


Slendrina's mom wears a white dress which is identical, but larger than Slendrina's, has short white hair, white ghostly eyes, gray skin, sharp claws, an angry expression and a very long gaping mouth with sharp teeth.

Powers and Abilities

Slendrina's mom will not teleport and appear at random like her daughter, but instead she will run to the player when she spots them, with a speed as fast as that of Granny's on Hard mode. When she gets close enough to the player, she will scratch them to death. In Slendrina X, her attack method changes. In the escape sequence, she will chase the player as a giant head and kill them on impact if they don't rush to the exit.

She can not be harmed by anything. When she spots you, she will chase you, and a specific music will play. When she is chasing you, run as fast as you can, don't turn around you and look for the map to find a house. When you get into a house, close the door and hide into another room or rush upstairs.

She is not a threat to the player in Granny. However, she could possibly become one in future installments


Levitation: Slenderina's mom's can be shown to do this in Slendrina: The Cellar 2, and possibly even in the escape sequence of Slendrina X, when she chases the player as a giant head.

Sharp claws: Slenderina's mom's main attack method is slashing the player. However, in Slendrina X, she chooses to chase the protagonist as a giant head and swallow or crush them on impact if they don't rush fast enough to the exit

Shapeshifting: In The House of Slendrina, Slenderina's mom's can turn her body into that of a spider's, and in Slendrina X, she makes her body disappear and her head grow giant.

Teleportation: Slenderina's mom's also has the ability to pass through walls, as she is a spirit.



  • Slendrina (deceased daughter/spirit)
  • Slenderman (deceased husband/supernatural entity)
  • Slendrina's Child (deceased infant grandson/spirit) Granny (mother)
  • Slendrina's Husband (son-in-law)


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