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Hey man, I'm here to put an end to your little adventure.
~ Slice to the player before the fight.

Slice is the secondary antagonist and a boss of the 1993 arcade beat 'em up game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.


Slice is first seen in Jack's garage. He and his men was building a barricade to prevent the player. However, the player comes with car and breaks the barricade. Later, Slice escapes. And, they encountered again and fought. The player defeats Slice.

However, Dr. Simon Fessenden suggested him to be a dinosaur and get revenge from the player and Slice was mutated into Slisaur. They encounter again in Fessenden's lab and Slisaur and the player fought again and Slisaur is defeated again.

Powers and Abilities

Slice/Slisaur's primary weapon is boomerangs. They use boomerang in fights. And, they are fast and they can jump higher than normal humans.


  • Slice is the only boss that appear in multiple stages in the game.


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