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You want some of this?
~ Slim Bankshot

Slim Bankshot, also known as the Lonely Poolshark, is a portrait ghost that appears in Luigi's Mansion. Slim is a ghost that loves to shoot billiards, and according to his biography, Slim is a a legend in the world of competitive pool, but he has yet to play a living soul.


Slim resides in the Billiards Room located in the first floor of the mansion. When Luigi enters the room, Slim is seen shooting billiard balls using his cue stick. Whenever the balls spread around the room, Luigi needs to vacuum the ball and use it as projectile to hit Slim with it. Luigi needs to do this three times causing Slim to collapse of the hits exposing his heart in the process and allowing Luigi to vacuum him. If Luigi fails to capture Slim, he will disappear and reappear to continue shooting billiard balls. After capturing Slim, Luigi is rewarded with a Blue Diamond and two Gold Bars, along with other minor treasures.



  • His portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 17.
  • Slim is one of the few portrait ghosts to be optional and not necessary to capture to progress in the game, the others being Jarvis, Mr. Luggs, Biff Atlas and Sue Pea.
  • In the Hidden Mansion of the 3DS remake, Slim swapped rewards with Henry and Orville and now Luigi is rewarded with Mario's Shoe instead of the treasures, thus also making Slim an obligatory ghost since Mario's Shoe is one of the items required by Madame Clairvoya.
  • In billiards, a "bankshot" (or "bank shot") is one where the player hits the cue ball against a railing before striking another ball into a pocket.


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