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Looks like things are getting a little nasty at the bux residence.
~ Slip

Slip is the leader of the Nasties, and the main antagonist of The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia.

He is portrayed by Jack Black (as his first villain role) in one of his earliest roles. He also provided the voices of Slappy the Dummy and Brent Green (The Invisible Boy) in Goosebumps.


Slip and his gang have been harassing Bastian Bux when the latter is starting high school. When he discovers the Neverending Story book, he finds out that whatever happens immediately goes into the book. So Slip plans on causing disasters for Bastian in the book. He and his gang then make messes in the library for Mr. Koreander to clean up by himself. As they continue their rampage with the book, they find out about the Auron, so one of The Nasties, Dog, gives Slip the idea to take the Auron from Bastian.

When they find out that Bastian doesn't have the Auron with him, they read through the book and discover that Nicole, Bastian's new Step-Sister, has the Auron at the mall, they go after her.

They manage to get the Auron and cause chaos in both the human world and the Fantasia. Slip also yells to the Empress of Fantasia that the end is coming for her world. Finally, near the end, Bastian fights off Slip when Nicole reads from the Neverending Story, saying that Bastian uses his karate moves on Slip. Falkor then arrived and scares off Slip and the Nasties, allowing Bastian and his friends to restore the damage they cause. At the end, the next day, all Nasties, including Slip, have turned into friendly students due to Bastian rewriting the story.


Slip was quite intelligent for a bully, given that he quickly changed his mind about Bastian being a crazy kid and came to see that his victim's "delusions" about a magical land named Fantasia were in fact real and that Fantasia was a real place. He also convinced the rest of the Nasties that he was sane as well when he changed his mind to believe in the paranormal. This may have been partly through fear of Slip, but partly through the Nasties witnessing paranormal happenings such as the Book writing history as it occurred. Slip was very feared in his school. He saw himself as a god, and would have done anything to see himself be perceived as such. Destroying Fantasia was his most evil act (attempting to destroy Fantasia) but this was so he could rewrite history in his own twisted image.


  • Jack Black hated working on the film, stating that while he was a fan of the original books, he was severely disappointed with the finished product.