Slipstream is one of Starscream's clones in Transformers: Animated, who is voiced by Tara Strong.


Although it wasn't revealed which personality aspect of Starscream she is, she is more evil and cruel than Starscream, which Megatron trusts her better to be his second-in-command.

Physical Appearance

Her appearance is almost similar to Starscream, except she is shorter and thinner. She has teal wings and boots, red eyes, and purple and grey armor.


Slipstream was first seen along with Starscream's other clones, where she pointed that each clone was an aspect of his personality after Starscream was arguing with Ramjet. Starscream asked Slipstream which personality she is. Slipstream said, "don't ask." She took part on an assault on Autobots and Decepticons alike, easily overpowering the former.

After Thundercracker and Skywarp got transwarped into a random location in space while trapped with Blurr in Mixmaster's cement and Starscream got overpowered by Professor Sumdac using the Headmaster unit, Slipstream declared that she was better off being led by Megatron. She proved her loyalty to her new master by leading Lugnut, Blitzwing, Sunstorm, and Ramjet into attacking Omega Supreme. However, the massive Autobot blasted them all away.

After Blitzwing, Sunstorm, and Ramjet were taken back to Cybertron to face justice and while Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave were busying unleashing their Lugnut Supremes, Lugnut-themed clones of Omega Supreme, Slipstream reappeared, having been laying low since the Omega incident. She attacked Optimus Prime while he was trying out his new Wingblade jetpack, mistaking him for Starscream, before flying off.



  • Transformers fans have repeatedly asked Derrick J. Wyatt and Ask Vector Prime what aspect of Starscream's personality does Slipstream represent. Thus far, neither has given a legitimate answer.
  • Slipstream was originally intended to appear in "Endgame, Part II", in which she would revive Starscream after the Autobots left Earth, but the scene was cut for time.
  • In the unproduced 4th season of Animated, Slipstream would have led her own team of Decepticons on Earth before alling with the Autobots in the final battle with Megatron.


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