Heavy C was a bully who would steal food from others but became Slipstream after the Big Bang and an antagonist in the Static Shock animated series.

He is voiced by Bumper Robinson.


One day, Heavy C stole food from three kids in the Burger Fool. The kids got fed up with him and fought Heavy C. After Heavy C was apparently defeated, he unknowningly summon a wind gust into the wind gust revealing his nature as a bang baby.

Amazed at his newfound power, Heavy C immediately made himself a costume and called himself Slipstream. He committed robberies on many food stores and restaurants, and occasionally a serious target, such as the First National Bank or the Natural History Museum in Dakota Fields. In that park, Slipstream faced off with Static. Though he managed to short circuit Static, he was defeated when Static recharged his powers with Zap-Caps. Static trapped him in a large plate of metal, and left him for the police to arrest.

Slipstream had not given up his habits, but when his powers abandoned him, he joined Ebon's gang in an attempt to get them once again. The attempt failed.


  • Slipstream is based on the famous cartoon character Fat Albert.
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