Giant winged snakes with venomous scales and fangs, Slitherwings are truly the stuff of nightmares!
As if one Slitherwing wasn’t deadly enough, the poisonous dragons tend to hunt in packs. Like regular snakes, a Slitherwing’s bright coloration indicates its venom level. The more colorful the Slitherwing, the deadlier the attack. These oversized serpents slither at top speeds, sedate prey with the toxins in their bites, and drag them back to their pit for dinner. Equally aggressive against Vikings and dragons, Slitherwings fear only one thing: Fire.
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The Slitherwing Dragons are the minor antagonists in Dragons: Race to the Edge that first appeared in the episode, No Dragon left Behind.


The Slitherwings appear to have snake-like bodies and no legs. They also have very foldable wings that when they fold their wings, they can appear wingless. They also have coloration for venom warning. Unlike snakes, Slitherwings don't have forked tongue.


The Slitherwings can slither like snakes. They also coat their skin with poison, which they use to attack their victims. Their skin is also immune to Deathsong Slime, since it is covered in poison. They can spit venom at their prey, likely from their fangs.  They are also known to burrow. When they are threatened, they hide in thier burrowed holes in their caves.

In Race to the Edge

When the dragon riders arrived at Slitherwing Island, they saw many Slitherwings. Many of them caught the Deathsong Dragon, Garff to their lair as their prey. The riders went inside the slitherwings' cave and saw Garff behind the wall of amber. He made that to defend himself. The riders' dragons breathed fire and the Slitherwings are scared of it and they all hid in their burrow.




  • Slitherings are not snakes, despite their appearance.
    • Snakes have forked tongue, while Slitherwings don't.
    • Slitherwings have teeth all over their upper jaw and lower jaw, while snakes have much fewer teeth.
    • All venomous snakes have two front fangs, while Slitherwings don't.
    • In real life, there are also a Legless Lizard, which is also snake-like.
  • The Slitherwing is technically an Amphithere, a dragon with two wings and no legs, which also includes the Timberjack, Whispering Death and Screaming Death.
  • It is possible that Slitherwings evolved from dragons with legs, but they lost them, because they burrow. 


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